CCR drummer Doug Clifford says band's full Woodstock performance is expected to be released in 2019

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by arisinwind, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Creedence Clearwater Revisited. They always get good reviews, Doug and Stu have been solid players for longer than I've been alive.
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    Sounds more like streaming than downloading.
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  3. arisinwind

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    Saul Zaentz sold Fantasy records several years before he died. John released Long Road Home on Fantasy after the sale.
  4. kwadguy

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    Well... John hated Saul. But there are two sides to every story. John also hated the rest of CCR. I wonder if you should be taking your cues from John.
  5. hoggydoggy

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    It's good that this is coming out, for those that want it.

    For me, CCR were an excellent live band, but never outstanding - their music was designed for easy live performance in a 4-piece lineup, which they always delivered flawlessly, but they weren't a jamming band or did anything different with it particularly outside of the original studio arrangements.

    That said, I could watch Doug Clifford play Born On The Bayou all day...

  6. It's just more evidence that Fogerty has no business managing his own career.
  7. Don't just blame Zaentz, blame Fogerty for being too stupid to read the contracts he was signing or even get them vetted by a lawyer (which IIRC he lied about having done).
  8. Sneaky Pete

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    I’m curious about CCR’s Woodstock performance but I haven’t been waiting around for it.

    Well I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of John’s mistakes. You might have a point if the entire industry for decades wasn’t notorious for ripping off artists. Many of whom had attorneys and were older when they signed bad deals. He was initially a young kid roped into signing a contract by his boss, someone he trusted. Saul skinned a lot of people with crooked contracts. Obviously if the the rest of CCR and Saul had hooked up without John they wouldn’t have released a single record anyone wanted to hear. CCR is just a pretty good garage band without John’s songs.
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  9. scoutbb

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    Except for Bootleg, Proud Mary, Night Time is the Right Time, and Suzie Q, everything else has been officially released in good quality sound. I've also got bootlegged versions of the soundboards and made my own CD of their performance, with stage banter in between songs. The soundboards of the 4 songs mentioned have the snare very hot. You can hear John Fogerty on stage saying that it sounds like ****e. I tamed the eq on the bootlegs and mixed all together. Came out pretty good. Best version I've heard.
  10. maandrade

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    I'm in.
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  11. raphph

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    I imagine due to the 50 years rule in UK Copyright will force every unreleased set out onto the market - and of course there's a big Woodstock 50 celebration this year - I plan on attending at least one of the Woodstock 50 festivals..
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  12. BRush

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    I worked on the 25th and 40th Anniversary "Woodstock" releases, and went through all of the performance outtakes. Besides the previously released 3 songs on the 40th Ann. DVD, "Born on the Bayou", "I Put a Spell on You", & "Keep on Chooglin'", the production company shot "Commotion" & "Bad Moon Rising". There was also someone shooting black and white video, that might have recorded a few other CCR songs. They were a very tight band, even under the rough conditions at Woodstock.
  13. Former Lee Warmer

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  14. Kim Olesen

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    “New” materiAl from of my fave bands. How could i not.
  15. dance_hall_keeper

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    There was an idea floated by Rhino, at the time of their anniversary sets in '09, based on the fact that they have all of the available material (music, stage banter, et cetera) and a complete set was possible at that time, consisting of forty-plus discs. They decided it would be cost prohibitive for a lot of consumers and shelved the idea.
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  16. carrolls

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    Does anybody know what the full setlist was and what was actually recorded?
  17. dance_hall_keeper

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    According to woodstock story dot com:

    Day Two: Saturday, August 16 1969
    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    1. Born On The Bayou
    2. Green River
    3. Ninety-Nine And A Half
    4. Commotion
    5. Bootleg
    6. Bad Moon Rising
    7. Proud Mary
    8. I Put A Spell On You
    9. Night Time Is The Right Time
    10. Keep On Choogin’
    11. Suzy Q
  18. bodine

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    That’s pretty much the song list I hazily recall from the Atlantic City POP Festival, where I saw Creedence 2 weeks or so before Woodstock. Along with the Byrds, Paul Butterfield, Sur Douglas Quintet, Booker T and the MGs, BB King and Jefferson Airplane.

    They were all great but CCR was stupendous.
  19. driverdrummer

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    How bout a new album
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  20. dee

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    Good news on both the extra pro-shot 2 songs and possibly also the b/w footage. Do you recall if that was like the same kind of b/w footage that captured The Who's set as well? I really enjoy those visuals. Anyway, will put this release on the to-buy list and hope it comes to fruition and that both the audio and video is included as well and at a fan-friendly price. I haven't listened to any CCR in some time and haven't seen Fogerty in concert in quite a few years, so the timing of this set being released this year would seem to be perfect for me fwiw.
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  21. stuguy

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    That would be great if it’s released. I’m shocked that John Fogerty is on board.
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  22. Arnold Grove

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    It's not out yet. Give John some time to litigate this possible release ... :hide:
  23. phillyal1

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    The run of CCR singles they had in their day rivals the Beatles in my opinion. Especially amazing since CCR were on an independent American record company.
  24. Dennis Metz

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    Instant buy:edthumbs::cheers:
  25. breakingglass

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    There’s a great moment in the new(ish) Jeff Beck documentary when Beck and Rod Stewart both agree that they’re grateful that The Jeff Beck Group pulled out at the last minute and didn’t play on Day 3 of Woodstock. They are glad they’re not frozen in time in 1969.

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