CD Baby end of an era

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by SlimepantsMcgee, Feb 20, 2020.

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  2. aoxomoxoa

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    Dayton Ohio
    Never used them to buy a cd.
  3. I am glad they seem to be adaptive. But I am sure the news will be received by some as the sky is falling cd conspiracy.
  4. ggergm

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    Every small run artist or band used CD Baby for online CD sales for years.

    I had maybe four CDs for a local artist that I either recorded and/or produced up on CD Baby 10 years ago.

    Bye-bye baby, bye-bye.
  5. ScramMan2

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    More info on CD Baby:

    CD Baby

    They are based out here in Portland OR.
  6. visolo

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    I get all my CDs either on ebay or Book-Off (used book store but carries tons of CDs, for $1-$3 each). I know many stores are dumping CDs, but they will make a comeback someday, just like vinyl did, and cassettes.
  7. ScramMan2

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    Just a statement of the company CD Baby, not on-line CD sales in general.
  8. Chee

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    Once CD's go OOP, they'll be in demand.
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  9. ScramMan2

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    Wish I had a crystal ball.
  10. aoxomoxoa

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    Dayton Ohio
    My band uses CD baby to publish music. That's what it's main use is for. I think the CD sales end probably didn't generate any revenue so they decided to stop.
  11. eelkiller

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    This forum should have supported them more, their shipping updates were very creative.
    They were made for this place.
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  12. Not so sure of that. But their prices certainly go up.
  13. I certainly did. They released a lot of CDs by artists I supported. Them stopping CD production is actually quite a blow to me. Lots of indie stuff now OOP and I can't even find FLAC downloads of some.

    I don't know anything about their inner-workings but outwardly they did have a fun atmosphere.
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  14. Lord Hawthorne

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    I got a lot of empty CD cases from them, people would opt to save shipping costs by omitting the cases, never needed to buy any for my CDRs.
  15. rjp

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    i went there a few times, but as someone above mentioned, a wee bit overpriced.
  16. Art K

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    I love CD Baby...
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  17. melstapler

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    Definitely. A number of titles released by Heart of Texas Records either became unavailable or extremely expensive after CD Baby stopped selling titles through their site. Fortunately, that particular label gets distribution and has been working to rectify the situation.
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