CD Japan - 1111 Yen Off a 10,000 Yen order 10-Nov through 12-Nov-2021

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  1. jhm

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    I thought this might be of interest to some here:

    This is probably best posted in the coupon section, but I thought I put it here if anyone has any "big" orders planned. CDJapan is offering 1111 yen off of a 10,000 yen or greater purchase on November 10, 11 and 12:

    CDJapan : 11.11 Single Day Coupon Offer

    In U.S. dollars, that's basically $10 off a $86 order at today's exchange rate.
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  2. Blair G.

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    Delta, BC, Canada
    This coupon shows up the same I receive a fairly large order from CD Japan.
    It wasn’t worth ¥10000 but could have easily padded the order to reach that threshold.
    Ah well, such is life
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  3. Swordsandchains

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    Cmon, i need double points!

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