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    I'm booked up to visit Sofia in May for my 50th birthday. I visited about 10 years ago but don't remember coming across any shops.

    Found this old closed thread, so thought I'd ask for some updated information.

    Good Stores in Sofia, Bulgaria?

    I know there is at least one active member of the forum, @oldschool from Sofia who posted on this old thread , so hoping for any recommendations of shops to visit. I'm mainly a CD guy these days, anything new or second hand would interest me. Like most genres, though not really dance/rap stuff.

    Have done a Google search and Diukian Meloman comes up, and this is one of the shops mentioned in the old thread, so will check this out.

    We're staying very centrally and don't mind going out the way a little (it's my birthday trip after all ;)).
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    Sofia, Bulgaria
    I can only think of new CDs and vinyl in Orange Center, the various bookstores around Sofia - Greenwich, Ciela, Helikon on Vitosha Bul., and also bookstores in the malls - e.g. Ciela in Mall of Sofia.

    Also, check these guys for used -

    The good thing is all are pretty central and a short walk from here you'll be staying
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    Thanks oldschool, we're bound to see a couple of the Orange Center shops while we wander about,will pop in.

    Will check out the afore mentioned Diukian Meloman as it looks like it's a bit of an institution and according to Google Maps is about 0.2 of a mile from our hotel.
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    Where else in the world could you go and get some good information on record stores in Sofia, Bulgaria? I love it!
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    Absolutely, there's help all around the world, not just in the more familiar countries.
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