CD/Record Stores in Little Rock, AR

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    I visited Little Rock this weekend (Feb 2023) and wanted to report out my experience. There IS an existing Little Rock thread in this forum, but it’s from 2010 and is closed for new postings, so here I am…

    There’s only two proper stores that I am aware of: Been Around Records and Arkansas Records/CD’s. Both are worth a stop, which is easy to do as they’re only 15 mins apart.

    ARC is larger and better organized. Prices a tad on the high side, but for CDs, they have a “Buy 3, get 1 free” standing offer that brings the prices into line - assuming you can find four that you want. They may also have a deal on vinyl, but I’m a cd only shopper so didn’t pay attention. That said, there is a TON of vinyl here. I walked out with four CDs and was pleased with what I found.

    Been Around, while smaller than ARC, is still good sized with a lot of inventory. From what I observed, this is a one man show, old school store. There are unsorted piles and boxes stashed randomly around the store. This store is more of a “dig” than ARC, but of course digging often can unearth gems. I only bought two CDs here, but one I had been looking for for quite some time, so #worthit.

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