CD Trading Websites: Past and Present

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    I don't think I've ever seen this topic covered on YouTube, so I thought I would give it a shot. I've only used MusicBoomerang, SwapaCD, and, but in researching this topic, I found quite a bit on LaLa and some other sites where music could be traded. Should I have included the Steve Hoffman forums in this video?

  2. Does CD Warehouse still exist? I haven't seen one in years.
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  3. mrlefty

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    Coleman, TX
    Most of them shut down, but there is one in Arlington, TX that I visit on most my trips to DFW.
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  4. HiResGeek

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    Yup, they still exist. I just ordered something from the Arlington location via discogs.
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    LaLa was awesome.
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    I was a member of Lala's CD trading service for a year or so circa 2007-08. I upgraded a lot of my old tapes to CDs through them, including some fairly hard to find/obscure items, which was nice. They had a very active forum community too.

    Once they turned into a digital-music service I said "see ya."
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