CDs Are Dying Three Times as Fast as Vinyl Is Growing

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pseudopod, Sep 20, 2018.

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  1. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Forum Resident

    Well, at least you weren't judgemental about it . . .
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  2. I buy more CDs than vinyl lately, the price of vinyl is outrageous at the moment and pretty much everything I'm interested in I have to get shipped and the shipping costs makes buying vinyl unaffordable.
    Also the reissues are either subpar or limited and sold out or super expensive especially if they're well done.

    Original presses are usually priced through the roof and usually not in great condition, anything in Vg++ condition or up is out of my price range.
    I do have expensive taste though, obscure Psych, Stoner, Space rock, Spiritual Jazz, Rare funk, Surf rock, Garage etc most of the stuff that my ear fancys isn't common.
    I'm happy to pick up cheap CDs
  3. Remote Control Triangle

    Remote Control Triangle Forum Resident

    Las Vegas
    Millions? Hyperbole much? Virtually every release exists in digital format by now.
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  4. Remote Control Triangle

    Remote Control Triangle Forum Resident

    Las Vegas

    Ask anyone younger than 30 if CD's are obsolete or not. You'll get your answer pretty quickly.
  5. markp

    markp I am always thinking about Jazz.

    I subscribe to Spotify, and it is a lot of fun for sampling new music, and listening from my phone while I'm hiking. But I easily hear the difference between Spotify and a cd played through the same speakers, and the CD is better.

    For a lot of classic jazz cd's, in particular the early pressings, the prices are going up. Jazz as a genre is not nearly as popular as rock, country, electronica, etc. There are very good jazz artists that probably sell 5000 cd's of a release if they are lucky. Although the audience is smaller, there are a lot of used jazz cd's priced over $10 online (and find obscure jazz cd's in stores is literally a needle in the haystack) and the prices are going up. For example, prices for most (not all) cd's from great, but not mega-star, jazz musicians like Frank Morgan, George Cables, John Hicks, Billy Harper are not decreasing in value.

    Of course, there a gazillion Hootie and the Blowfish and Celine Dion cd's out there, which are not treasured, and the price has plummeted.
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  6. Norco74

    Norco74 You can tell me by the way I walk...

    Doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about...

    It is also the same young people that are finding hifi system too accurate... :confused:
  7. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain
    You forgot the stupid sheep category.
  8. Chooke

    Chooke Forum Resident

    Perth, Australia
    Rubbish, we're you an infant back then?
  9. Chooke

    Chooke Forum Resident

    Perth, Australia
    Most under 30s would say the same thing about records.
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  10. jay.dee

    jay.dee Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
    I am a CD guy, but I would always pick a laptop without any integrated CD drive, simply because it may be slimmer and weigh less.

    Besides I have a dedicated non-computer player for music and whenever I need to install/watch/burn something from/to a CD/DVD disc, I use a portable unit plugged through a USB port. They're now ubiquitous, cheap and reliable, so there's really no need for new laptops to have such a drive integrated.

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  11. Norco74

    Norco74 You can tell me by the way I walk...

    ...and dirt cheap too... I have paid mine $40 for an ASUS a few years back.
  12. xfilian

    xfilian Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
    I have to confess, I have fallen out of love with CDs and find little use for them these days. To me they are an outdated storage medium for digital files and if I want good quality digital, coupled with convenience and budget, I will stream and occasionally download. If I want to own a physical product with proper artwork and sound that pleases me the most I will listen to vinyl.

    If young people or 'hipsters' as they are disparagingly referred to on here wish to buy vinyl then good on them. Many no doubt enjoy the experience, whatever approach they take to it. Maybe they will play them on low grade record players but hey - perhaps that will lead to an interest in the medium and hifi in general. We all have to start somewhere. Most people who start off in a new hobby dip their toes in the water as opposed to leaping in at the deep end. We should be encouraging the revival of a physical medium and young people who are embracing it as opposed to bitterly sneering at it.
  13. jay.dee

    jay.dee Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
    All these CD vs vinyl wars carried on this forum remind me of the old tired Mac/Apple vs PC/Microsoft bickering. :D


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  14. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Everybody's escapegoat....

    It has a particular meaning in this context. CDs have been old fashioned for a decade. So has and is vinyl. The word is used to mean redundant and of no present value which is plainly bs.
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  15. INSW

    INSW Forum Resident

    I was in my 20s, the infant part is debatable.
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  16. Todd68

    Todd68 I'm Listening

    Pelham, Ontario
    Apple Music, CDs, SACDs, Bluray and vinyl records .... I do it all. The streaming is great because it allows me to check things out I am unfamiliar with. As for vinyl vs. CDs, it depends. I have some music that sounds better on CD and in turn some music that is better sounding on vinyl. I was hoping that the vinyl growth would result in better sounding CDs (in some cases). I really don't want CDs to go anywhere. Mine won't be.
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  17. Jackson

    Jackson Forum Resident

    MA, USA
    To most anyone over 30 who isn't a music geek, or record store owner they're obsolete as well.
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  18. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    You’re using a broad stroke so you’re comment is incorrect. I know under 30’s still buying new CDs.
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  19. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    Yeah, most friends and family I talk to are unaware that new vinyl is even being produced.
  20. Ron Stone

    Ron Stone Offending Member

    Deep Maryland
    To some degree, I think all physical formats will be collectibles. Soon the idea of music pressed into vinyl, magnetic tape or aluminum will seem dear and quaint.

    I rexeived five CDs this week, paid $25 shipped and felt like I was splurging. Best of all, the thirty-one year old discs were like new . . .
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  21. dbeamer407

    dbeamer407 Forum Resident

    Nope, not even close. That is the main reason I have a turntable, a cassette deck, a CD player, a SACD player etc.

    There are countless releases in all of those formats that are not available digitally either to purchase or stream and never will be. I have an enormous collection (literally 100's) of radio station charity compilation CD's (KFOG Live From The Archives, OnXRT, KGSR Broadcasts) every track on these is not available "digitally". Moreover many of these CD's have tracks from my favorite artists. The same can be said for CD's from magazine covers (Mojo, UNCUT etc.), cassettes from magazine covers (NME, VOX etc.), flexi's from magazines (Bucketful of Brains, The Bob, Reflex etc.).

    And certainly not all masterings are available digitally and very often there are not even good or OK masterings available digitally. There is no streaming a RL Zep II. Hey everyone here at the Hoffman Forums, trash your CD's you can now stream brickwalled masterings of "virtually every release":crazy:.

    Lastly, just because it is available to stream now doesn't mean it will be later. I purchased two unique Liz Phair tracks through Yahoo Music Engine back in the early 2000's. The tracks could only be played through their website or software interface but both are long gone. For years I couldn't listen to them (they have reappeared on TIDAL) despite purchasing them digitally. On the flipside, these EP's that were available on TIDAL no longer are: Rolling Stone Original and Chicago Apple Live. Artists pull their catalogs from streaming sites or never allow them to stream in the first place and of course there are countless artists that the digital media outlets have never heard of or don't care enough about to "release".

    Here is a list I compiled of all officially released non-album tracks by Liz Phair. Many of these tracks are not available "digitially". I guess I should just never listen to them again since they are only on 7", CD and VHS in one case.

    1. White Babies (from the Chinny Chin Chin: 4 N.Y. Bands compilation) early 91
    2. Carnivore (from the "Carnivore" 7") Oct. 1993
    3. Carnivore (Raw) (from the "Carnivore" 7") Oct. 1993
    4. Combo Platter (girlysound) (from the "Supernova" single) Oct. 11, 1994
    5. Whip-Smart (Remix) (from the 'Whip-Smart' promo single) Oct. 11, 1994
    6. Don't Have Time (from the Higher Learning soundtrack) 1994
    7. Animal Girl (from the Juvenilia EP) Aug. 8, 1995
    8. Turning Japanese (from the Juvenilia EP) Aug. 8, 1995
    9. The Tra La La Song (from the Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits compilation) 1995
    10. Rocket Boy (from the Stealing Beauty soundtrack) 1996
    11. Six Dick Pimp (from the Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy soundtrack) 1996
    12. Stuck On An Island (from the What's Up Matador compilation) Aug. 26, 1997
    13. Freak Of Nature (from the Local 101 compilation) July 21, 1998
    14. Hurricane Cindy (bonus track on the Japanese whitechocolatespaceegg release) Aug. 7, 1998
    15. White Bird Of Texas (from the Japanese "Polyester Bride" single) Aug. 21, 1998
    16. Greased Lightning (from the Japanese "Polyester Bride" single) Aug. 21, 1998
    17. Erecting A Movie Star (with Shudder to Think; from the First Love, Last Rites soundtrack) Aug. 25, 1998
    18. Polyester Bride (live) (from Just Passin' Thru No. 2 - An HFS Session) Nov. 18, 1998
    19. **** And Run (live) (from Random Acts 2) Dec. 15, 1998
    20. Never Said (live) (from Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music Volume 3) May 18, 1999
    21. Down (sourced from the This is the Modern World Capitol promo video compilation VHS) Jul. 2, 2001
    22. Take A Look (from MTV2 Spankin' New Music 2002 Edition! CD) is an alternate mix compared to the forthcoming album version. 2002
    23. Love/Hate (alternate promo version -note album has synth in intro)
    24. Why Can't I (alternate promo version?)
    25. Red Light Fever (demo -note much longer) (from Japanese Liz Phair release)
    26. Jeremy Engle (from Comeandgetit EP)
    27. Bouncer's Conversation (from Comeandgetit EP)
    28. Fine Again (from Comeandgetit EP)
    29. Hurricane Cindy (from Comeandgetit EP)
    30. Shallow Opportunities (from Comeandgetit EP)
    31. Why Can't I (In-Studio) (from Sessions@AOL) *see Support System Dec 19, 2003 Jun. 17, 2003
    32. Why Can't I (In Concert) (from AOL) Jun. 17, 2003
    33. Insanity (i-tunes exclusive) July 1, 2003
    34. Don't Apologize (from Trampoline Records Greatest Hits) Oct. 14, 2003
    35. Winter Wonderland (from Sounds of the Season - The NBC Holiday Collection) late 2003
    36. Why Can't I (live) (from Star Lounge 2003 Collection) 2003
    37. Extraordinary (Live In-studio) (from Mixclusives Volume 4) Apr. 6, 2004
    38. Why Can't I (Live @ Yahoo! Music) Apr 2004
    39. Extraordinary (Live @ Yahoo! Music) Apr 2004 was streaming at least on April 3, 2004 not sure when available for purchase
    40. Extraordinary Live 2 (from Live from the Chicago Store EP) May 22, 2004
    41. Why Can't I? Live 2 (from Live from the Chicago Store EP) May 22, 2004
    42. Supernova Live (from Live from the Chicago Store EP) May 22, 2004
    43. Extraordinary (from Today's Best Mix Volume 6) Nov 2004
    44. Can't Get Out Of What I'm Into (Somebody's Miracle advance promo)
    45. Mothers Little Helper (from Desperate Housewives Soundtrack) Sept? 2005
    46. May Queen (live) (Rolling Stone Original EP) Dec 20, 2005
    47. Everything To Me (live) (Rolling Stone Original EP) Dec 20, 2005
    48. Soap Star Joe (live) (Rolling Stone Original EP) Dec 20, 2005
    49. Somebody's Miracle (live) (Rolling Stone Original EP) Dec 20, 2005
    50. Why Can't I (live) (Rolling Stone Original EP) Dec 20, 2005
    51. Everything To Me Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    52. Uncle Alvarez Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    53. Never Said Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    54. Supernova Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    55. Headache Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    56. Why Can't I Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    57. Somebody's Miracle Live (i-tunes exclusive) Jan 2006
    58. Count On My Love (acoustic) ( Mar 2006
    59. Somebody's Miracle (acoustic) ( Mar 2006
    60. Perfect Misfit (from Nancy Drew soundtrack) 2007
    61. Ant In Alaska (from Exile In Guyville remaster)
    62. Say You (from Exile In Guyville remaster)
    63. Instrumental (Standing) (from Exile In Guyville remaster)
    64. Wild Thing (from Exile In Guyville remaster advance)
    65. Instrumental (from Exile In Guyville remaster advance)
    66. Polyester Bride (from ONXRT: Live From The Archives Vol.11) Sept 30, 2008
    67. Faith & Tenderness (Banana Republic download)
    68. Dotted Line (People Like Us soundtrack)
    69. Avalanche (Stereo Romance) shared by Liz on Mesmerizing website
  22. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    Well, if you're gonna be counting live versions of stuff, of course it no all gonna be represented adequately through one media alone. Sheesh.
  23. dbeamer407

    dbeamer407 Forum Resident

    I'm not talking about exclusively live version of stuff, there are tons of studio tracks in that list above for that single artist. Even if I was, so what? What is the problem with wanting to be able to listen to all of an artists officially released output? Sheesh.
  24. Minnox

    Minnox Forum Resident

    I am far from a audiophile I just enjoy my music from my younger years. The reason for me why I like vinyl better is the nostalgic of it and when I have a album on I listen the the whole thing and find out songs that I haven’t heard I now like. If I had a CD playing I would reach for the remote and skip the songs I don’t know. As I get older I find that I appreciate and like more things in life that I did before.
    My 2 cents!
  25. TonyCzar

    TonyCzar Forum Resident

    PhIladelphia, PA
    The Yahoo Music site goes back to the bad old days of DRM and proprietary players. (Remember Microsoft "Plays for Sure"?)

    Buying DRM'ed music is worse than streaming because you've paid full freight for a work but only get to listen to it as long as your chosen vendor's license servers stay up.The iTunes store used to be in an arms race with the DRM-crackers. When Apple pulled slightly ahead, and the available cracking tools were foiled, I stopped buying. When the DRM-crackers pulled ahead, I resumed my buying-cracking workflow.

    Streaming service offerings being in flux constantly is a different (but very real) problem.
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