Central London used vinyl record store with good stuff

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    Rise Up.. I concur.
    Bring a wad of cash too.
    Some rare records there.
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    This is the best post I’ve seen. There are some decent stores for specific genres e.g. Soul Brother in Putney for soul and a bit of jazz, and there’s a reggae store in Soho (probably a few in Brixton too). But I do better these days at my local monthly car boot sale to be honest, bigger selection and better prices (though not the place for rarities), though quality obviously varies.
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    I'd like to chime in:
    - Rough Trade (Brick Ln): they practically got rid of vintage vinyl, and now are a hipster tourist trap. The one on Brick Lane was pretty bland for my taste.
    - Vinyl dealers on Portobello Road (in a big antiquities marketplace, Notting Hill): daylight robbery.
    - Out on the Floor Records (Camden) - very nice, decent prices, good chats with clerk. Definitely a recommendation.
    - Sounds That Swing (Camden) - great if you're into 50s music, owner was dressed up accordingly, nice chat. If you're not into 50s music, still worth a look, nifty decoration!
    - Flashback Records (visited the Shoreditch branch) - probably ok, but found nothing of interest for me.
    - Vintage Vinyl (Brick Ln) - in a large 2nd hand market. Some affordable stuff, but vintage records are pretty beat-up. And the SALE!!! crates are infested with counterfeits.
    - Spitalfields Market - got there 10 minutes before closing and snatched up a Please Please Me (Decca contract pressing, beat-up cover but decent vinyl) for 10 quid. Definitely going there again.

    Budget recommendations:
    - Music & Video Exchange (Notting Hill Gate): good for old stuff, but don't expect to find any rare 1st pressings there.
    - Johnny Skates (Waterloo Station) - has a stall at Lower Marsh Market, pretty good prices, cash only.
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    I've heard that "daylight robbery" term for London area stores before. Just go to record fairs but get in with the dealers as the "daylight robbers" battle each other for the deals.
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    Bit late on this one but I don't think anyone mentioned sounds of the universe ( soul jazz records ) . This store just around the corner from sister ray. Etc . This store sells jazz, funk. Soul. Reggae, world. Vinyl & cd. Old and new. Also books.
    You can look online and have a look over their web site collections before travelling there.

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