CGI Is Starting to Suck

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Very interesting article from the guys on Rocketstock:

    10 Reasons Why CGI is Getting Worse, Not Better

    He brings up a lot of good points, namely that there are a lot of movies that have been made in the last few years where it seems like the entire point of the film is the computer-generated visuals. Story and character are kinda going by the wayside in favor of killer visual effects.

    I'm a big fan of CG done well, where it's precisely blended in with the visuals to the point where you can't tell where reality ends and fantasy begins. But I have to say, being pounded by 2000 explosions, buildings falling over, the Golden Gate Bridge collapsing (yet again), thousands of people dying... it gets exhausting after awhile. And I also think too often, directors immediately reach for a digital solution in post when it'd be a lot more organic to just fix it on the set.

    People forget that just a good story can be very entertaining. It's not a good trend.

    Don't get me wrong: I love well-done visual effects, and I have pals who are fine artists doing impeccable CG work in service of the picture. But I think even they'd agree that there are limits where relying on VFX alone won't make it a success.
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    It's all so true.
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  3. Scott222C

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    Not a problem for me, because I am more than content to watch all those great TV Series instead of crappy Hollywood movies. Those seem not affected as much by overboarding CGI (yet)
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    Oh the irony..

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    I don't know - you could go to a movie a week and not be subjected to these over the top special effect trips. There are certain flicks that do seem to be just one sequence of amped upped effects and explosions (the recent Marvel flick was like that for me - saw it with my girls are into the super hero genre). But you can still spend plenty of hours seeing wonderful movies without spending time and money or bad films that are only being made bigger.
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  8. My vote is for # 7 on that list. As I've said before CG is the new "We'll fix it in post." Also: even Jurrasic Park has the Orange & Teal timing? :disgust:
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  9. The Wanderer

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    Not a fan, the better it looks (the more impossible), it becomes too obvious and a distraction.
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    "Starting to suck"? :confused:
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    Take the thread title literally and apply it to porn and you are now a multi-billionaire! :D
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    I'm not so sure CGI was ever a step up from what went before it. The original Star Wars series and Alien, Blade Runner etc ... were the pinnacle of pre-CGI special effects movies and sadly I don't think they have ever been eclipsed.
    I think they have their place to be used as part of a palette of tools to do what other tools can't — like making dinosaurs — but not as a cure all.
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    Van Helsing the graphic for #7 CGI is dangerous, was the first title I thought of.
  14. robertawillisjr

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    I think the new Star Wars film might be a game changer. If this looks visually stunning with practical effects PLUS CGI, maybe future films will follow.

    As Vidiot said, the effects that you don't even notice are great.
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    That's not a very "family-friendly" comment, is it? :tsk:

    Someone needs to gort himself! :D
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  17. jeatleboe

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    I despise CGI in general. It had "started" to suck a loonnnngggg time ago. I can take it in lesser doses (even though I'll always prefer practical effects), but now it's so over the top that I can't get into the movie. Constant bombardment with mind-numbing effects that actually have the OPPOSITE effect on me: I become bored rather than amazed. So most newer movies, much like newer music, are over for me. Give me interesting characters and a solid story over unrelenting CGI. And make those characters portrayed by real people too, whenever possible. Let stunt people do the stunts, not some cartoonish figure.
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    Well, just don't watch those films. They're as stupid as their VFX.
    But anyway, the better the director the better the effects, it's as simple as that. Good people surround themselves with good people.
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    There are THOUSANDS of startling films just like that out there. Movies driven by CGI make up about 1 % of movies produced a year.
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  20. jeatleboe

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    Maybe it's like what they say about music now... that "the good ones are out there but you just need to look for them".
  21. Maggie

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    They're selectively picking bad examples, though -- Resident Evil: Afterlife was hardly an A picture. And the idea that CGI is being deliberately composited into poorly lit scenes is, IMO, a myth left over from the pre-CGI days of rubber "creature features."

    And what does color grading have to do with special effects? It's a separate problem.

    The truth is, CGI is only getting better & more seamless. Did anyone see Ex Machina or The Wolf of Wall Street (which was chock full of seamless CGI)? You only notice it when it's less than that. The real problem is with the economics of the business, which are driving the industry overseas.
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    Right on...
  23. kwadguy

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    I said this around the time of Star Trek II.
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    Not CGI put pretty cool costume. The first minute is the best watching it move and walk. The rest is kinda lame.
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