Chad's Big Announcement - Atlantic 75th Series

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Leonthepro, Sep 13, 2023.

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    Finally its out. I expected Led Zeppelin UHQRS, but this might still include Zeppelin.
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    We are beyond excited to announce a "75 for 75" a new series of 75 vinyl releases from Atlantic Records' storied catalog to celebrate the label's 75th Anniversary.

    Beginning later this year, Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds will plan to release two Atlantic LP titles per month for a series that will extend over more than three years and 75 records. Each two-LP title will be cut at 45 RPM and will retail for $60, with one title comprising four LPs and retailing for $120. Titles may change from those initially announced and the order of release is subject to change.

    Some details about this historic series:

    • We will be using the best mastering engineers in the world, including Bernie Grundman, Ryan K. Smith, Kevin Gray, Chris Bellman and Matthew Lutthans. There will be various reasons why we may choose different mastering engineers for individual projects as we aim to make this the absolute highest quality series.
    • While our plan is to do two titles per month, there are a lot of variables that go into these productions. For that reason, we ask for your patience as we realize that the series could extend beyond our initial projections.
      We will be using the original, analog master tapes for these reissues.
      But there are a few newer artist titles that were recorded to hi-res digital.
    For those titles, we will of course cut from the digital masters. And there may be a few older titles for which the absolute analog master tape is no longer available or in poor condition. In those cases, we will use a tape copy if we determine that it is the absolute best available source. In all such cases, we will disclose the source used in the mastering.

    • As we get into working on these 75 titles, there may be a couple of substitutions. For example, we may get to a record for which we can't find a suitable source. In that type of scenario, we would select a different top title.
    • Each release will be packaged in the highest-quality tip-on gatefold jacket.
    Most will be provided by Stoughton Printing, but because of paper shortages and delays, we may need to find other high-quality printers to provide some jackets.

    • While we are committed to releasing 75 of the greatest titles from this historic label, each individual project is subject to the approval of the artist's management. We are still hard at work on clearing some titles.

    You have an opportunity to reserve the same numbered
    edition, Quality Record Pressings copy of each title! The first 2,000 pressings of each title will be numbered editions and pressed at our own Quality Record Pressings. Beyond the first 2,000 pressings of each title, non-numbered copies will be available and will be pressed at either Quality Record Pressings or RTI. If there are any limited-numbered pressings that are not
    reserved, these will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you purchase one of these copies, you will not be guaranteed the same serial number on a different title. Series subscribers within the United States lower 48 will enjoy free shipping. All other customers will be charged shipping when each record ships. To guarantee your same low number for each ORP pressing, we are requiring prepayment for the entire series. Email [email protected] to reserve your copies. We ask that only collectors with
    a very serious interest in this opportunity contact us.
    Additionally, we are releasing non-numbered Super Audio CD editions of these reissues. SACD titles
    will retail for $35 (one double for $50).
    We can't wait to bring you this historic Atlantic Records 75th Anniversary series. This great label includes some of the best artists and records of all time. We're honored to have been chosen as a partner for such an important reissue series. We are committed to doing our absolute best to bring you the highest-quality versions of these records that have ever been released.

    Artist and Titles That Are Currently Included in The Series
    (subject to change):
    Nursery Cryme
    Selling England By The Pound
    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    A Trick Of The Tail

    Phil Collins
    Face Value
    Hello, I Must Be Going!
    *Not available on SACD*

    John Coltrane
    Giant Steps
    Coltrane Jazz
    My Favorite Things
    Olé Coltrane
    Coltrane Plays The Blues
    Coltrane's Sound
    Bags & Trane

    Ray Charles
    Ray Charles
    The Great Ray Charles
    What'd I Say
    The Genius Of Ray Charles
    The Genius After Hours

    The Yes Album
    Close To The Edge

    Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul
    The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul
    The Soul Album
    The Dock of The Bay

    Double Vision
    Head Games

    Crosby, Stills & Nash
    Crosby, Stills & Nash
    Déjà vu (w/Neil Young)
    Daylight Again

    Buffalo Springfield
    Buffalo Springfield
    Buffalo Springfield Again

    Dr. John
    Gris Gris
    In The Right Place

    Stone Temple Pilots
    Plus, More
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  4. MetalliJoe

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    2 weeks late.
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  5. hutlock

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    Well, this is going to cost me a lot of money.

    Looks like there are 71 of the 75 titles posted already. Great stuff, but I do wish there was a tiny bit more variety. I love and will buy all that Coltrane and Otis Redding, and a bunch of others too but it would have been cool to see some more underrepresented artists too.
  6. hutlock

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    Is there a thread already for this series?
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  7. Good series and I think most of these are great albums, but I personally feel happy that I already have wonderful copies of the titles I love here, so FOMO isn’t happening this time.

    The price point for double 45s are spot on, but again, I’m not a fan of 45s. But this series will be successful for Analogue Productions.

    And of course, in his intro, we know Led Zeppelin is the catch he is hoping to add to the list later. That will be interesting if he gets to do those at $60 each.
  8. scotti

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    Ha! My wife saw the email alert at 7am this morning and she said only jazz as we have many OG's of the rock titles already and this could get get expensive over time no doubt. I did get the okay for the jazz releases like the Coltrane and Mingus if I desire so have to get some of those if not all. At least these are being spread out unless you go for the entire numbered collection. And Zeppelin if they happen...
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    No Led Zeppelin… Posted this after Mazxy.. :)
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  10. JamsOnly

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    Easy pass, lol. Definitely looking forward to some of these upcoming titles to add to the pile.
  11. ETSEQ

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    Pretty cool. Personally I'm definitely interested in Mingus - Blues and Roots and the Donny Hathaway self-titled. Possibly some of the Otis Redding and Dr. John, though I have a lot of those as originals and I'm not generally the type to collect multiple pressings of albums.

    The 2-week comment was a snarky jab at Chad who kept saying his big announcement was 2 weeks away.
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  12. Briskit

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    I cannot like this post enough. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  13. MrRom92

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    If this was the diaper worthy announcement, then I can’t say it didn’t deserve that level of hype. Well done. Realistically speaking. I won’t even be interested in even half of these titles (50+ of them were just announced, so we know this already) but if even a few of them peak my attention just a little bit - and they already have - that’s a major win, in my book.

    Having Giant Steps available at 45 again is a big one for me.
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  14. trumpetplayer

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    This is much better. $60 price point. I'm especially looking forward to the Genesis titles and a hopefully much better CSN couch album.
  15. trebori

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    Where's the Mingus???? He did some of his best music for the label in two different periods (late 50s-early 60s and mid-1970s). There are several albums surely deserving of special treatment
  16. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Not sure I would want some of these at 45 though, I'm fine with my 33's of Otis, and Dr. John as examples so this will be interesting as to what folks decide to go after here...and then after some get released and the reviews on the sound come into play, all hell could break loose...
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  17. caleb1138

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    Do we think they'll release 33 versions in the future?
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  18. Briskit

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    Man I hope the tapes for Hathaway's "Everything is Everything" get temporarily mislaid and Chad subs in Donny Live.
    We've had 2 audiophile versions of the former in recent years. And getting a clean copy of the latter ain't easy.

    Having the self-titled on the list is a massive win though.
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  19. sonofjim

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    Wow. Two titles per month at $60 each. A lot of these look tempting but no way would I preorder the whole series. It’ll be expensive enough just picking and choosing. I should really probably cancel some of my MoFi preorders.
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  20. Pretty outstanding series, though most all of the albums I am really interested in I have at least one, in not several, great sounding copies already. I will double dip on a few and the rest I will wait for more details (mastering engineer, reviews, etc).

    I’m guessing these are all stereo where possible? I prefer mono for most all of the Coltrane Atlantic stuff, except for Olé Coltrane which I wish was 33rpm so as to not split the title track.
  21. MemoInPR

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  22. ETSEQ

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    Frederick, MD
    There are 4 Mingus titles in the series listed on Acoustic Sounds. How many were you hoping for?
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  23. MikeT

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    A lot of good titles, but for someone (me) who buys duplicates (i.e., one-steps, UHQRs, 45rpm press) of titles I already have on LP, I can't see buying many of these titles AGAIN. I am not getting any younger, and I can't listen to all the music I currently own. I really need to stop buying, especially when a new issue of an album I own many times over is released.

    I don't know - I guess I will just see what happens as each title is released and determine what to do. Subscribing at over $4500.00 that you have to pay for UP FRONT, seems like folly.
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  24. sonofjim

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    I think Lamb Lies Down would be 4 LPs if it’s 45 rpm. That’s probably what he’s referring to as the four LP release. Unfortunately, probably not Physical Graffiti.
  25. Jeff Bamberger

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    I actually don’t mind the most recent Genesis reissues. And I’m not sure I want to spend $60/$120 each for them again. But I’d consider it for The Lamb and maybe Foxtrot for Supper’s Ready. But once I do that of course I’d want the rest of the PG era ones. Damn this tangled web

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