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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vivaldinization, Oct 19, 2001.

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  1. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member Thread Starter

    With all of these "Most disappointing reissue program" things I've started, I thought it might be good to note a few incredibly pleasent surprises I've had while buying CDs...

    a) The Easybeats "Pretty Girl: Best of the Easybeats." Picked it up on a whim...Long OOP, so I hear...with the bonus that it's basically all in mono, and thus the only place to get some mono tracks on CD.

    b) Relix Records "Relix Sampler." Only place to get the Left Banke's "Strangers on a Train" on CD. Found one for $.50!

    c) The Arista Records MONKEES CDs. I swear to god, I picked these up only because they were $3 each...and then found out that they're sought-after. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    d) My first bootleg purchase, ever, was the Beatles "Arrive Without Aging." Initially, I thought I had made a bad decision, but said little release retained exclusivity on a few tracks up until only a year ago, and STILL has a few exclusives.

  2. Pat

    Pat Forum Detective

    Tampa, FL
    I never saw that Relix Sampler. Are there any other songs that aren't on the Relix Series? I take it this is the series: Rock 'N Roll Relix (ie 1964-1965,etc). These CDs had some great songs. I believe Bob Hyde had a hand in the mastering on some/all.

    What makes the Monkees Arista CDs worth "seeking out" anyway? I hadn't heard about this before. Are they better than the Rhino stuff?

    Some of those CHEAP Laserlight CDs had some interesting Stereo surprises. Smile A Little Smile on British Invasion CD was unexpected for me. :cool:
  3. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled me!

    United States
    Huh? Rhino also put out the stereo mix on their "Have A Nice Day" series.
  4. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member Thread Starter

    No, actually. It's a sampler from the Relix Records label, which I believe usually issued Grateful-Dead-and-Related stuff. They *also* issued the Left Banke's "Strangers on a Train" album at one point, but never on CD...that sampler contains the only cut that's ever officially shown up on CD.

    Re. the Monkees Arista CDs...well, at least in the case of Headquarters, the Arista CD is a remix. A remix that remains, IMO, both reasonably faithful to the original (but then again, we ARE talking Monkees here) and also betters noticably the sound on the later from-the-best-tapes-we-could-find-of-the-original-mix-Rhino CD.

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