Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight, their best album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Thievius, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. PDK

    PDK One-eyed sparrow watcher...babe

    Central Florida
    It's definitely my favorite CT album.
  2. Coricama

    Coricama Classic Rocker

    Marietta, GA
    I love Heaven Tonight, but In Color it their masterpiece.
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  3. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    Next Position Please is my favorite. I have to have I Can't Take It.
  4. For fans of the first album, I always recommend All Shook Up. CT at their most unhinged and experimental in the studio since the debut
  5. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    2nd behind In Color.
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  6. readr

    readr Forum Resident

    I won't disagree.....but my favorites are Cheap Trick ('77) and Next Position Please.
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  7. Tim S

    Tim S Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    You can argue about the type of production and recording, but in terms of song quality and quality of performance the first 3 records are all perfect. I don't know of any other band I can say caught perfection three time in a row.

    If I HAD to pick one, yes, I'd probably go with "Heaven Tonight," probably because of the title track - there just isn't a song like it on any of their previous records. Not sure they ever did one quite like it again.
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  8. recap200

    recap200 Forum Resident

    nowhere land
    Yep...check out CT's live performance of "I Can't Take It" on the Alan Thicke Show, c. 1983. It doesn't get much better than that, folks!
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  9. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    I've seen that. :righton:
  10. Good call and great avatar!
  11. driverdrummer

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    Irmo, SC
    I own the Vic Anesini remaster with the orange Epic lp cd face. Sounds nice. How much of the album was recorded st Sound City?
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  12. sbeaupre

    sbeaupre Everything must go

    Inner Horner
    Another vote for In Color.
  13. Remurmur

    Remurmur Music is THE BEST!

    Same here. In Color was my first so it is still my favorite. And I LIKE the production just fine.

    The first three are pretty much essential and very difficult to even attempt to choose one over the other IMO.

    Three different but still equally magnificent beasts ...
  14. Purplerocks

    Purplerocks Forum Resident

    I agree; All Shook Up is way underrated imo, love it.
    Zander's vocals on "World's Greatest Lover" gives me chills
    What a band
  15. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist Thread Starter

    I don't know the answer to your question but I have the same version and agee it sounds pretty good.
  16. recap200

    recap200 Forum Resident

    nowhere land
    Tough question, rhetorical question… it's impossible to choose one "best" CT studio album. And CT have created so many great songs too.

    In my opinion, "CT 1977," "In Color," "Heaven Tonight," "Dream Police," and "At Budokan" are their best albums—and, their essential albums. "All Shook Up," "Next Position Please," and "CT 1997" are next in line.

    Sidebar: I kinda miss the warmth and tone of CT's early recordings. Interestingly, I recently listened to Eric Clapton's recent album "I Still Do." "I Still Do" was recorded—and mastered—analogue, I believe. Wow! Nice job, Mr. Glyn Johns, Mr. Bob Ludwig, and Mr. Bernie Grundman.
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  17. Here are my favorite Cheap Trick albums listed in order...

    Heaven Tonight

    Dream Police

    In Color (Steve Albini version)

    Cheap Trick

    One On One

    Not sure if 'At Budokan' counts, but if it does, then I would put it between 'Dream Police', and 'In Color (Steve Albini version)'
  18. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    In Color has better tunes overall, but Heaven Tonight is probably the best studio representation of Cheap Trick as a band.
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  19. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    As much as they dissed Tom Werman in later years, he gave them their best albums IMO (other than the debut). And people often complain about the production of In Color....I never had a problem with it. I thought it was great....the louder the better! They kinda lost the magic after parting ways with him.
  20. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Who knows. I have a soft spot for Busted. :nyah:
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  21. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Please label the photos you post

    Austin, TX
    My issue is that one album has Mandocello, the next has Downed and the next Heaven Tonight. If all three were on one album then the world might have spontaneously combusted.
  22. stoneknuckle

    stoneknuckle Forum Resident

    reading pa usa
    Slightly off topic but I am still shocked that "Such A Good Girl" from "Found All The Parts" never found a home on one of their full length albums instead of kind of hanging in obscurity.

    Wasn't that actually from an aborted album that was to be released inbetween "Dream Police" and "All Shook Up"? that could have been a great record if there is more where that came from.
  23. Tim S

    Tim S Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    Thanks, huge John Candy fan. Even today, I still miss the big man:

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  24. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

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  25. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    They really should have put it on All Shook Up. It needed it badly. I could have gone my lifetime without hearing Who D' King and never missed it.
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