Check out this Honeymooners fan on WWOR in 1987:

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    Thanks to katmandu of, he gave me this piece of footage from what is now WWOR Channel 9 in New York. It is saw a news clip from WWOR tv in 1987 when they did a story about Phil Levine who is a fan of The Honeymooners (Jackie died shortly before this.) He apparantly was a HUGE fan to the pint where he had lots of things that were never available in stores like The Great Gleason Express banner and such. He was a member of R.A.L.P.H.

    Here's the link to the same message on

    Check out this Honeymooners fan: - Sitcoms Online Message Boards - Forums

    When I googled his name, it says that a Phil Levine passed away in 2016. Don't know if its the same person.
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