Chicago area garage sale: turntable, amps etc.

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by ubiknik, Sep 25, 2020.

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    Chicago, IL USA
    At this sale there is a nice vintage collection of amplifiers (3), one nice preamp, a working Technics SL D2 semi auto tt and a Minidisc package including a hundred plus discs, two home MD recorders and a portable MD player (there should be two but I lost track of one as of this writing).
    If you check out the ad you will see the times that I will be there and a description of the sale.
    The amps all work nice and sound good, ironically the one that sounds best (to my ears) has a bit of transformer vibration that can be felt at the amp, not heard in the sound.
    That amp is an Audionics CC3, there is also a CC2 or 1 (I forget) that has had a beefier power cord added and works quite well, on amp is 70wpc and the other is 80wpc. There is also a Audionics preamp and a Hafler 220 (115wpc). There is also a 44wpc Acoustic Research receiver from the eighties (I think) that is pretty clean and nice except for the fact that only the B set of speaker hookups work for some reason and there is one plastic button missing from the tuner preset -the first 30$ takes it.

    For someone in the area this might be a good opportunity to score a decent DD tt with a cartridge!
    The Technics I'm talking about works well and the dust cover is pretty clean but like most of these from that era one of the hinge tabs has broken off, but it still works as a dustcover just fine.
    The TT works great, the only negative is the stop button sticks a little when used and should be lifted a bit after pressing, I'm sure there is an easy fix for that and it doesn't affect anything when just letting the tt do it's thing.
    For 70$ you can have this deck with a decent sounding Empire LTD 200 cart and stylus mounted.
    For 80$ more I also have a nice AT 140LC cart (with original stylus in good shape!) mounted on a vintage ADC headshell (it weighs the same as OEM Technics) that can go with the tt as well, or you could just by the 140lc and hs.
    So I looked a little bit and saw that decent tts like this one on average go for around 200, so this is a pretty good deal. Stuff has to go!
    I will be there today (Friday the 25th) from 10 'til noon.
  2. ubiknik

    ubiknik Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Chicago, IL USA
    Everything is OBO!
    This sale comes about to help the family of a friend that passed recently (not from Covid).
    There are a lot of items available and all must move, so if you are in the Chicagoland area and want to get some second system great deals or maybe just some tools, furniture or materials (the former owner was a maintenance/builder type), then come on by!
    Quality speaker wire, interconnects and other audio knick knacks are available cheap.
    There are some cheap records and CDs too, but I wouldn't go crazy for that stuff as the selection is a bit weak (seems that way to me anyway).

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