Chicago area record stores past and present (with photos)

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  1. jamesc

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    Was that on Northwest Hwy in the 80s? I remember one that opened near the Chicken Unlimited around then...
  2. shookie

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    Addison Il.

    Just seen on TV that they were planning on closing, because Val died a couple of years ago, A old employee was running the store about 2019.
  3. John5523

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    Great thread...brings back lots of memories! I recall buying most of my vinyl at a store on the south side Roosevelt Rd in a strip mall, in Lombard between Meyers Rd and Highland Ave (I think), called Record Barrel. Back in to 70’s. Drove from Darien to get there!
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    Growing up in the north part of Evanston in the 70s we had two stores on Central Street: Grant Records and Argosy Entertainment. Both small, both gone by the mid-80s, but both huge places of learning for me. Laury's in downtown Evanston is where I got my first 45s ever, and Wax Stacks on Dempster is where my education really began.
  5. Champagne Boot

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    Val died in 2018. The store was poised to close last fall, but was bought at the last second by an investor/customer in order to keep it open. They're still going.
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