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Chicago area record stores past and present (with photos)

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by larry333, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. weaselriot

    weaselriot Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL
    There was a Crow's Nest on Ogden somewhere in Westmont/Downer's Grove also, south side of the street in a strip mall.
  2. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    Remember When was in a small strip mall on the south side of Ogden east of Cass in Westmont.
  3. weaselriot

    weaselriot Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL

    That sounds like the approximate location of what I remember to have been a Crow's Nest location in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Maybe it is even the same location, either before or after the time when it was Remember When. After all, Crow's Nest did take over Rock Records downtown, Rose took over Laury's, and then Tower took over Rose. All of those record/music store chains seemed to be in a constant game of corporate Pac-Man in those days, just like the banks.

    The Crow's Nest I remember on Ogden was south side of Ogden, probably east of Cass but west of 83, in a wing of a little strip mall. I was in that area frequently until about 2005 because I made weekly visits to another place, QED Laser Video, in a little strip mall on the north side of Ogden sandwiched in between a couple of car dealerships (one was a Toyota). The Crow's Nest I remember as being a few blocks further west on Ogden. I stopped going to that area about 2005 because QED was forced to move after losing its lease when the strip mall was sold. Lots of laserdisc and DVD purchases there, the best place in Chicago suburbs for that (drove all the way from northwest burbs every Tuesday new release day). I also visited Audio Consultants (further east on Ogden closer to 294) on those weekly trips.

    Though I didn't know it at the time, those first few years after Y2K now retrospectively seem to have been that one last glorious "Indian Summer" of brick and mortar retail before the coming retail apocalypse winter, with no prospect of another spring on the horizon this time.
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  4. Agree, I stopped in a few weeks back and walked out with a few nice LPs. Like you said, the owner is a really friendly guy too which makes it all the better to shop there. Not the easiest place for me to get to but I’m sure I’ll shop there Every couple of months.
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  5. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

    Considering how many trips I took all the way down to the Crest Hill Crow's Nest and how often I was in and around the western suburbs back then, I'm surprised that I have no recollection of a CN on Ogden. Seems like I should've LIVED there... :laugh:

    I've never been to places like Tower on Sunset, so for me the Crow's Nest on State & Jackson was the single greatest CD store I'll ever see. Their jazz section downstairs was insane, a little better even than the Tower around the corner on Wabash. I'd only been into jazz a couple years before the downtown Crow's Nest had their store-closing sale, and I remember thinking there's probably a ton of CDs I should be buying, but you can't really buy artists you don't yet know.
  6. If I'm remembering that Crow's Nest correctly, it was definitely bigger than Tower on Sunset. Eventually Tower opened the Tower Annex right across the street to house its jazz/classical section but even then Crow's Nest was bigger I think.
  7. weaselriot

    weaselriot Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL

    It may be that if there was a Crow's Nest on Ogden, it may have been for a very short time. Every week I would make at least one after work jaunt to downtown Crow's Nest and Tower on Wabash, so I was very familiar with the brand. But the time frame was very early 2000s, about 2002-2004. I first saw the one on Ogden after my weekly stop at QED Laser Video, and I remember thinking "oh, they've got a Crow's Nest out here, have to stop in". I was on the hunt for SACDs at that time and not all titles were always in stock even downtown. The one on Ogden was OK or even a little better, but nothing particularly special in the end. They may have even taken over another store at that location (much like they did Rock Records downtown) for a brief period before heading off into the retail sunset themselves.

    Y2K and the first year or two after that saw Best Buy, Circuit City, Tower, Borders and the other big box chains all with very robust selection, plus increasingly DVDs too. But suddenly after about 2002, the handwriting was on the wall everywhere. I never saw anything like it before, and brick and mortar recorded music retail being ten years now into flatline precludes any chance of ever seeing anything like that again. First it would have to rise again, and that just ain't gonna happen.
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  8. sa5150

    sa5150 Forum Resident

    Wasn't Crow's nest , This shop was small but had bootleg cds as well as new cds kinda like Rolling Stones but much smaller , It was definitely Downers Grove .

    Does anyone remember the massive Musicland on Harlem and forest preserve drive , Then they shrunk it to a tiny little shop . I liked the giant one that had everything from laserdiscs to minidisc even 8 tracks .

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