Chicago Repair Shops?

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  1. Trey A

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    Any good recommendations for audio equipment repair in Chicago? I have an old Marantz receiver I'd like to get fixed and would really be grateful for a suggestion or two. I'm on the north side of the city but will cover some ground to get to somebody good. Thanks in advance.
  2. recstar24

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    Glen Ellyn, IL
    The #1 that has consistently been recommended on these boards from the local folk is stereo rehab.

    Stereo Rehab

    it’s clear reading through his site he clearly knows what he’s doing. His hours are a little weird though and I couldn’t tell you what timelines look like but by all accounts he’s honest, fair, and simply knows what he’s doing.
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  3. EddieMann

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    Geneva, IL. USA.
    From what I've heard...
    He does a quicker turnaround if you're a new customer. I believe he's only open like on Fridays and Saturdays.
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  4. SteevG

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    Casper at Stereo Rehab is your best bet. He works on gear during the week and opens after 12 noon on Friday and Saturday for people to pick up their gear. Use e-mail, as that's his prefered method of contact. He will get back to you.
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  5. Thank for your information, I also need him too
  6. Trey A

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    Thanks for chiming in, everybody. Really appreciate the recommendation.
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