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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by canonlon, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. canonlon

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    Ontario, CANADA
    I recently purchased vinyl reissues of some Foo Fighters albums and was quite impressed with the sound quality. I wish the Pearl Jam LP reissues (Vs, Ten, Vitology) were sonically as good as these. The Foo Fighters covers state "Lacquers cut by Chris Bellamn". Would love to know what other LP's Chris has done and thought this thread would be a good resource for it. I can start it off with what I have;

    Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
    Foo Fighters - One By One
    Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape
    Foo Fighters - There is Nothing Left to Lose
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  2. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    The recent CB-mastered Rhino LP of the Monkees' "Head" is quite good.

    Didn't he also cut the Beach Boys' "Smile" vinyl?
  3. bibijeebies

    bibijeebies Forum Resident

    Amstelveen (NL)
    Yes he did, at least the US edition (I think both the US standalone double album, as the album that came in the box).
  4. XMIAudioTech

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    Petaluma, CA
    Also see here for his work when he was employed at Allen Zentz Mastering.
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  5. I only recently have become familiar with his work, on the following:

    Van Halen II, Women and Children First, 1984 - in my opinion, all very good. Though expensive, and originals are cheap, I replaced my II and Women & Children with his. Sick and tired of trying to find a non-club copy that isn't beat up with groove damage and noise. I've heard his 1984 and I think it's excellent. Others' mileage may vary.
    Ramones - 1st 4 albums. I have the first 3 and LOVE them. I have never had originals and never will, so others' mileage may vary.
    Sabbath - IV, SBS, Sabotage - I have IV and SBS and I love them.

    I have the 2010 Metallica Reload reissue, mastered at Grundman. Some here thought CB did it, but the deadwax does not have his characteristic "CB". In any case, it's great.
  6. RTurner

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    Los Angeles, CA
    All the Classic Records Who lp's are great. :edthumbs:
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  7. D Schnozzman

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    Sydney, Australia
    ^ Only one of those I've got is the mono Who Sell Out, which is excellent.

    Another is Mirror Ball by Neil Young & Pearl Jam.

    Chris has posted here a few times recently.
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  8. Tank

    Tank New Member

    Sacramento, CA
    His recent Sabbath cuts are awesome! And such great buys!
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  9. Simon_LDT

    Simon_LDT Forum Resident

    England, UK
    Mastodon - Blood Mountain.

    Absolutely wonderful mastering and cut (and on 2x 45rpm). You haven't heard this album properly until you hear this vinyl, it absolutely destroys the brickwalled CD.
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  10. swedgin

    swedgin Forum Resident

    Neil Young - Massey Hall is probably the best sounding slab of vinyl I own.
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  11. James Glennon

    James Glennon Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    Neil Young's first four albums!

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  12. harmonica98

    harmonica98 Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Agreed - the Neil Young records he has done are reference.

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  13. :thumbsup:
  14. I love his works on the Chicago vinyl remasters on Rhino label (not to be confused with the horrible Rhino CD remasters):

    Chicago Transit Authority
    Chicago (aka Chicago II)

    According to Chris, these two was remastered for vinyl using analog sources.
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  15. fitzrik

    fitzrik Forum Resident

    Just did a search looking for Chris Bellman. Want to see what other records he has done as they sound fantastic.

    Wilco - The Whole Love
    Phish - Junta

    Hope people add in other records!!
  16. mintcake!

    mintcake! Active Member

    Bellman did the recent "Something/Anything?" reissue, which is just fantastic.
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  17. kannibal

    kannibal Forum Resident

    Northern VA
    Agreed. The man does great work.
  18. MoveAlongHome

    MoveAlongHome Well-Known Member

    Looks like he also mastered Cynic's Traced in Air on the 2014 Back on Black vinyl. Just listened to it again and it rules.
  19. E.Baba

    E.Baba Forum Resident

    He did a Nuggets since the bulk of this 2012 thread.
  20. Agent of Fortune

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  21. RichNY

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    New York
    I just picked up Junkyard-s/t and it's a CB.
  22. Mrtn77

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    European Union
    My own Bellman favourite is Van Dyke Parks' mono Song Cycle.

    His Grateful Dead albums sound great as well. As does Joni Mitchell's The Hissing of Summer Lawns.
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  23. J Zone

    J Zone Well-Known Member

    I just found a Poison vinyl ,Open up and say ahhh, sound is superb! Chris bellman mastered. I recently found a Best of Van halen mastered CD, I will post how it sounds.
  24. DoF

    DoF Less is more...

    Zz top's rio grande mud & Tejas on Cinco box set 2017, great
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  25. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

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