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    New album set for July! Recorded in Stinson Beach in January of this year during a stormy few weeks on the the Northen California Pacific Coast. Lots of wood based instruments but it's not an acoustic album like had earlier been thought/hinted. Has Neal, Tony, Jeff, CR and Adam using lots of vintage equipment and everything from Banjo and Mandolin to Bells and Bongos. It's an incredible progression for this band and sounds so very much like them but also unlike anything they've ever done before.

    As artwork and preorder info appears we can post it in this thread and let the anticipation grow for what's sure to be one of the years best albums.

    Freak On!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Photos Courtesy of Neal Casal
  2. Rne

    Rne Sufferin' succotash!

    A new studio album this year? That's really great news!
  3. LarryP

    LarryP Forum Resident

    Ottawa, Canada
    I can't wait!!!! Nice that a grinder on the coffee table in the first pic! Inspiration LOL!

    I need them to come to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon!!!
  4. full moon

    full moon Forum Resident

    Can't wait to hear it. Looks like some songs have found their way into the live sets on the current tour.
  5. Oliver

    Oliver Forum Resident

    I spy packaged Pepto Bismal "melt tabs" on that same table lol....
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  6. Do they record all analog?
  7. KeninDC

    KeninDC Forum Resident

    Virginia, USA
    I had a flash of inspiration at a bar in Stinson beach that set the course of my life. Magical place.
  8. Bet I know whats under that lyric book beside the Nag...:D
  9. LarryP

    LarryP Forum Resident

    Ottawa, Canada
    Yup, yup...

  10. Just a lil' sompin' sompin'
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  11. alamo54us

    alamo54us Forum Resident

    Thanks for the info, Chuck! Keep us posted!
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  12. CowboyBob

    CowboyBob Forum Resident

    Thread followed!

    Looks like some mighty good tunes would eminate from that hazy lounge!
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  13. Daryl M

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    London, Ontario
    They are certainly prolific if nothing else!
  14. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    Looking forward to more CRB vinyl for my collection. :cool:
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  15. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    I remember reading the book circa 1970. Hope this isn't a letdown like Pat Benatar's "Gravity's Rainbow".

    LUNACHUCK Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I feel fairly confident that the word "letdown" won't be anywhere near this project. From the top down the CRB is a class act and has consistently been giving their all for the fanbase from day one. I can totally dig that they may not be for everyone but I can't see any fan of the band being letdown by this album. The CRB truly IS magic!
  17. Who'sTommy

    Who'sTommy Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    That's fantastic news! Looking forward to it!
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  18. Matthew Tate

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    Richmond, Virginia
    can't wait
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  19. Erik B.

    Erik B. Tighter than Mike Gordon’s jeans

    Don't know why they'd hide it if it was what we think it was. Last I checked it's legal in Cali-caliente.
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  20. Erik B.

    Erik B. Tighter than Mike Gordon’s jeans

    I would really like Alan Forbes to design the cover for this one. Maybe he only does their Betty's Blends.

    That being said, really looking forward to this.
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  21. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Your Ad Here

    Pacifica, CA
    Thanks for the news, Mr. Chuck. CRB, yeeeeeeeeeahhh!
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  22. unravelled

    unravelled Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    Now officially on preorder patrol!!! BTW, I met our very distinguished lunachuck at the Tuscaloosa CRB show a couple weeks back. Great meeting you Chuck and thanks for the pin!! That was one hot second set!!
  23. Msebb

    Msebb Member

    Farmington NM
    Well this is some great news. Casal has been busy, working on the new HWA now as well.
  24. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Your Ad Here

    Pacifica, CA

    I was supposed to...:oops:
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  25. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    Where can you pre-order from? Can you share the link please?

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