Chris Robinson's new Black Crowes project

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cable hogue, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. cable hogue

    cable hogue Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Introducing...As the Crow Flies! (this is not a joke)

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  2. attym

    attym Forum Resident

    Do you know any details about this? I wonder (seeing that its a singular; Crow)... its just him solo doing Crowes songs (as he's done recently)
  3. ModernDayWarrior

    ModernDayWarrior Forum Resident

    Rahway, NJ, USA
    Well if his brother can do Magpie Salute, I guess he has every right to do a Crowes related project as well. I enjoyed Magpie Salute myself.
  4. cable hogue

    cable hogue Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Word is some ex Crowes will be involved. Early guesses are Audley Freed, Luther Dickinson (NMAS is on the bill) and Adam MacDougall, of course
  5. cable hogue

    cable hogue Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Here's a shocker: I have it on good authority Steve Gorman will not be involved.
  6. cosmicdancer

    cosmicdancer Doin' it to you in 3D! So Groovy that I dig me.

    I'd be down with Luther and Audley as I enjoyed both of them with the Crowes, but I never enjoyed hearing MacDougall take on Ed Harsch's parts. There were moments of hearing that live that were pretty horrendous. I did like most of the stuff MacDougall did on the two Crowes studio albums that he actually played on, though.

    I'd agree that Chris has every right to do the songs, but it's strange for him to do it after he gave Rich and his crew a hard time for being a Crowes cover band. Of course, this may just be a one off thing. I don't know.
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  7. Bonddm

    Bonddm Forum Resident

    If Steve was involved, it would be confirmation that hell has frozen over!
  8. Nick Drake fan

    Nick Drake fan Forum Resident

    New Orleans
    He can try to call it a Crowes thing but if he and Audley and Luther and MacDougall are the connection then as far as I'm concerned that leaves Chris himself as the only worthwhile Crowes connection. Audley was far and away the worst lead guitarist TBC ever had. Don't ever need to hear him play a Crowes lead ever again. Luther was better but not much (he didn't earn the nickname "Note Salad" for nothing). And MacDougall was known as "Oven Mitts" to hardcore Crowes fans. The guy was a keyboard abomination while playing with TBC. The Magpie Salute with Rich (who is responsible for the music to all those great Crowes songs) and Marc Ford (far and away the best lead guitarist TBC ever had) and Sven Pippien are far more Crowes-worthy that this thing Chris is putting together (in apparent childish jealousy). The guitar combo of Rich & Marc can't be touched by anyone.
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  9. mikedifr0923

    mikedifr0923 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Saw Magpie twice. Solid to good performances of the songs, Crowes and others. Enjoyed them both. But zero star power/presence on the stage. I think that's going to hurt them
  10. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia
    i'd like to see this
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  11. Gammondorf

    Gammondorf Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    Yet another self-destructive act from the hypocritical hippie himself, Mr. Chris Robinson.

    A mere 2 years after blowing up the band because he demanded 90% of the take (even though Mr. Troubadour just cares about the music, man.)

    Just months after trashing his brother and former bandmates for having the temerity to tour behind their songs, saying: "If you want to keep your engine humming," he intones, "keep your eyes wide ahead and don't look back."

    Here he is, slapping together a motley crew of latter-day Crowes, for yet another cash grab.

    All because his ego can't admit that he desperately needs Rich Robinson and Steve Gorman, and he's never made anything great without them.

    All because he's jealous that Bob Weir would rather play with John Mayer, and the deadheads have embraced Mayer more than they ever accepted him.

    All because he needs to pretend to be a hippie, a vagabond, an artiste and a poet, rather than an upper-middle class kid from suburban Atlanta who has a penchant for staying at the Four Seasons.
  12. cable hogue

    cable hogue Forum Resident Thread Starter

    He's also apparently split with his wife/manager.
  13. Sloan Valve

    Sloan Valve New Member

    Chris Robinson is a hypocritical suburbanite in hippies clothing grasping at straws.
  14. drumzNspace

    drumzNspace Forum Resident

    New Yuck City
  15. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

    That was great.
  16. Desolation Row

    Desolation Row Forum Resident

    I don't have a problem with Chris playing Crowes tunes. I continue to follow both camps, and I really want to hear those songs live again. I will say that I would prefer for Chris to take his solo show on the road. The problem with playing alongside anyone but Rich is that only Rich can play those guitar parts the correct way. Is Luther or someone like that going to get into open G and play the songs the proper way? If not, and if it's going to be a simplified version of the songs via major chords in standard tuning, then I'd rather just hear Chris play those songs by himself, with the emphasis on his voice, and a blend of BC and CRB tunes.

    Are we sure Luther is in the mix? We're just speculating at the moment, right? It could just as easily be Jackie Greene--that would actually make more sense. My understanding is that Luther remained neutral while in the band, but he was a Rich guy first. Chris got Adam, Rich got Luther, and later Steve got Jackie in the band--although Jackie and Chris had performed together before his joining the Crowes. They must have someone somewhat significant in the group or it wouldn't receive such high billing.
  17. bliss44

    bliss44 Forum Resident

    I've tried both brother's bands and neither does it for me, which is strange, because I think Casal is outstanding (Circles Around the Sun and the Cardinals).

    For me, the Crowes were all-timers - among the best live acts I've ever seen (circa 92), and their music, for the most part, stands the test of time extremely well.

    I have zero interest in the brothers' second rate efforts on their own. I can respect it, but I don't have to like it, and I don't. The two of them need to grow up.
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  18. lucan_g

    lucan_g Forum Resident

    Do we have any reason to believe they will play Crowes tunes? The name indicates it’s a band involving one of the Crowes. Where does the rest of the info come from?

    This board loves a good CR pile-on...
  19. CowboyBob

    CowboyBob Forum Resident

    Man, music is a fickle mistress. I was never a crowes fan when they were big. Recently fell head over heels for the CRB. Love all their albums and see them live whenever I can. I have recently started grabbing old crowes cd's to give them a spin and they just don't quite tickle the ol fancy. Don't get me wrong, there are some great songs, but overall they just don't live up to the laid back psychedelic vibe of the CRB that I enjoy.

    More power to Chris, more power to Rich, maybe there is a happy medium where we can all be happy.
  20. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag The West Coast bzfgt

    Pacifica, CA
    Luther Dickinson is a good guess. He and his brother are playing with Phil at Terrapin Crossroads for a second time in Dec., and North Mississippi All-Stars recently did a show there.
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  21. Bonddm

    Bonddm Forum Resident

    Have you tried this? I like it more than most of their original studio albums, especially disc 1.
    The Lost Crowes - Wikipedia
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  22. CowboyBob

    CowboyBob Forum Resident

    I have not, but I just ordered from Discogs and I'll give it a go! Thanks for the recommendation.
  23. Desolation Row

    Desolation Row Forum Resident

    Lost Crowes is great. Band (one of the two archival albums included) is a great, unheralded, album. If you really like CRB, then you might like some of the late-period Crowes: Warpaint and especially Before the Frost... Until the Freeze.
  24. WarEagleRK

    WarEagleRK Forum Resident

    Chattanooga, TN
    There is another band called As The Crow Flies. Are we sure that isn't who will be at Wanee? Chris has distanced himself from the Crowes music for awhile now so this world be a shocking development.
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  25. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    The last couple Crowes shows I saw and the Magpie gig the other month, I could barely here the keys at all, except during the few measures of quiet here and there.

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