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Chuck Cunningham Syndrome

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by JozefK, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

    Not to mention the two other cast members who were replaced from the Pilot. Drake Sather also played the lawyer at first and he then inexplicably turned into Norm MacDonald.
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  2. Fastnbulbous

    Fastnbulbous Doubleplus Ungood

    Washington DC USA
    #2 on "The Prisoner". There was a new one every episode!
  3. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

    John Amos played the Dad on Good Times. I was pissed and sad cuz I thought John actually died, until I saw him in Beastmaster with Da Gubernator.
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  4. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    I kind of remember Chuck being an obnoxious character. Richie probably poisoned him. Howard and Marion found this out and knew that in order to protect the family's good name, they had to reluctantly request Fonzie's assistance to access his underworld connections to help them dispose of Chuck's corpse and destroy his birth and school records.

    And the rest, as they say, is television history.
  5. jeroemba

    jeroemba Forum Resident

    And the sister was played by Amy Adams!
  6. Big Jimbo

    Big Jimbo Forum Resident

    “The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis” had several. As mentioned Dobie had an older brother Davey who was in college and occasionally home on breaks to give advice to his high school brother on women. After a few episodes they decided Davey was superfluous and Dobie was referred to as an only child.
    The first season Dobie’s rival at school was a rich jock Milton Armitrsge III, played by Warren Beatty. After a few episodes Beatty left to appear on Broadway. Dobie’s target of affection Thalia Meminger (Tuesday Weld) left after one year although she did appear in two episodes later on.
    Dobie’s best friend Maynard G Krebs was played by Bob Denver. Several episodes in season one Denver got a draft notice. So on the show they wrote this in and introduced Michael J Pollard as Maynard’s cousin Jerome Krebs. Denver failed his army physical (neck injury) so Denver returned to the show as an Army hardship discharge...the Army had the hardship. Pollard was let go after a couple episodes but got paid for a total of 30.
    In season four they decided the 28 year old Dwayne Hickman was too old for teenage plots ( he was now a college student). So they brought in a cousin Duncan (Bobby Diamond) to play a teenager and get advice from Dobie. Like the first season with Davey this didn’t work and Duncan disappeared after 7 episodes
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  7. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    Christie Plunkett's two children are buried in a secret grave in the back yard.
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  8. JozefK

    JozefK Forum Resident Thread Starter


    OMG Doris nooooooooo....

    The Doris Day Show - Wikipedia

    Season 1 (1968–1969)
    Day portrays Doris Martin, a widowed mother of young sons Billy and Toby (Philip Brown and Todd Starke). When the series premieres, she has brought her boys home to her father's rural ranch in Cotina in Mill Valley, north of San Francisco, California, after living in New York City for most of her adult life.​


    Seasons 4–5 (1971–1973)
    The fourth season sees a radical change in the series. Day's character suddenly becomes a swinging single career woman who goes by Miss instead of Mrs. The entire cast from previous seasons, other than Day herself, and occasionally the Palluccis, are gone; even Doris Martin's two sons are no longer in the cast, with no explanation given, and are never referred to again.​

    Doris, how could you???

  9. MickAvory

    MickAvory Forum Resident

    New Orleans, LA
    Did Bonanza essentially end or was just about ended when Blocker died? There are so many seasons of that and I never see those very late ones re-run.

    As far as John Ritter goes, 8 Simple Rules continued for about 1 or 2 seasons after he died. They often referenced him and his death in the show. They had an entire story arc of writing his real death into the show and the funeral and everything. The mom was now a widow... they did the 'if only dad was here' in a bunch of episodes. The cast even did a few minutes of a tribute to him at the end of an episode saying how sudden his death was and how upset they were and how he was a great loss for the show, them personally and the entertainment world.

    His was no Chuck Cunningham syndrome..

    Now... as far as Chrissy Snow on Three's Company... once they got rid of Sommers because of her raise demands... I don't know if they ever reference her again. Even though Cindy is supposed to be her cousin, I don't think they ever reference her past that first episode where they meet Cindy.
  10. JozefK

    JozefK Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Bonanza lasted a half season after Blocker's death.

    After Pernell Roberts left the series Adam was mentioned a few times in the first part of the 1965-6 season. However after that TTBOMK he was only mentioned once: in the episode (1968?) where the Cartwrights are placed in a prison camp run by Alfred Ryder, along with fellow prisoner Richard Mulligan. Hoss mentions Adam when he tells of how they were too slow to catch Joe as children.

    In a later episode Ben takes Jamie to a tree where he has carved the names of his sons: Hoss, Joe, and Jamie. No mention of Adam.
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  11. MickAvory

    MickAvory Forum Resident

    New Orleans, LA
    Um... excuse my ignorance... I wasn't around when Bonanza originally aired, only catching it in reruns... But... Jamie? A fourth son? I had no idea there was another Cartwright kid. Like I said.. those later episodes never seem to get re-run..

    I love Bonanza, but everytime I catch an episode, it seems like its from the same pool of about 30-40 episodes I've seen. Its like they only rerun some of them and those are in heavy rotation. I rarely turn it on and say... Oh look.. I've NEVER seen this one.

    edit... I see on Wikipedia that Ben adopts this kid in later seasons. Still.. leaving Adam out of the carving on the tree.. . Shame.. Trapper John shouldn't have to put up with that
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  12. EricBanks

    EricBanks Well-Known Member

    I watched last week's The Connors and they talked about the Roseanne character a lot! They actually did a lot more than just talk about her... :eek:
    (No, she wasn't in that episode.)
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  13. wayne66

    wayne66 Forum Resident

    After Hoss died, they did an episode where Joe was in trouble and Ben was worried about him. They end up showing a picture of Hoss and Joe. Like there was a possibility that he could lose both of them. No picture of Adam.
  14. That's Mr. Foghat

    That's Mr. Foghat Forum Resident

    exit 7a, NJ
    Timothy Brown: Capt. Oliver Harmon 'Spearchucker' Jones (???)

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  15. bekayne

    bekayne Forum Resident

    Fred Flintstone's cat
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  16. Rob P S

    Rob P S Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
  17. utopiarun

    utopiarun "on the road to Utopia"

    Staten Island NY
    Carrie had a half-sister that appeared in 5 episodes and then disappeared. From King of Queens wiki:

    Sara Spooner
    's younger half-sister who was constructed as an irresponsible aspiring actress. Played by actress/singer Lisa Rieffel, the character appeared in only 5 episodes (episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6) and then disappeared without any explanation. She was only mentioned one other time (although not by name) in episode Doug as an excuse to his boss to get out of performing a roast. After the show became more popular, Kevin James was asked to explain what happened to Sara during an interview. According to James, the producers could not think of any storylines to develop Rieffel's character, so she was discontinued. During the pilot she was on camera for roughly half the episode. However in the other episodes where she was included, her character did not have much to say or do. Subsequent dialogue suggests that Sara Spooner never existed, and that Carrie is an only child. This is an example of "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" (see Happy Days).
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  18. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia

    umm no she wasn't amy adams had a guest role as some high school stuck up girl. the sister was a lot younger than donna and played by Amanda Fuller
  19. smilin ed

    smilin ed Forum Resident

    John Orchard as Ugly John. The actor turned up as a different character, an Australian MP called Muldoon, in a later series:

  20. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    Didn't Daniel Boone have a daughter who vanished by the time the show went color?
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  21. JozefK

    JozefK Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yes, Veronica Cartwright (she was in one color season). VC claims she was fired b/c actress Patricia Blair did not want to be seen as the mother of a grown daughter.

    Actor Robert Logan was a semi-regular on the show and being established as a romantic possibility for VC. Once she left, he disappeared as well.
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  22. pocofan

    pocofan Forum Resident

    Would they have to pay Pernell Roberts to use his image ?
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  23. Manapua

    Manapua Forum Resident

    Right? They couldn't even bother to spin them off like everyone else on the show. How degrading!
  24. Manapua

    Manapua Forum Resident

    I just figured Bub reconciled with Ethel.
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  25. Manapua

    Manapua Forum Resident

    He ran off with the Brady dog Tiger to re-run heaven.
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