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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by George P, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    I have noticed as of late that we have a decent amount of Classical Music fans here and thought that starting a new thread just for classical music listening would give us a chance to share and discuss the various Classical music we are listening to. I tried to post this directly in the L&WT room, but I don't have authority to do so.

    I think it will be helpful if we list...

    Medium and Label (CD, LP)
    Date of performance (If known)

    ...since there are so many different performances of the same work, often by the same performer.

    Me, I listened to this recently:

    Symphonies 1, 2 and 4
    cond. by Ashkenazy
    Decca CD

    Great stuff here, I love his romantic, lush readings of these works. I have tried one or two other conductors in these works, but they have only sent me running back to Ashkenazy's readings. :)

    So, what Classical Music are you listening to? :wave:
  2. Bogey

    Bogey Spy Vinyl User

    Composer: Beethoven
    Work: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13 "Pathétique"
    Performer: Rudolf Serkin
    Medium and Label: CD/Sony Classical/Legacy SK 90395
    Date of performance: Recorded at Columbia 30th Street Studio, NYC, December 8 and 15, 1962

    Great thread, George.
  3. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    Great performance, Bill.

    We were just discussing Serkin on another thread. His Beethoven has a solidity and a severity that fits the music like a glove. Not that his playing isn't tender when appropriate. I think it's time I listened to some of his Beethoven again.
  4. elektrikjester

    elektrikjester Forum Resident

    Marietta, Georgia
    Various (Padilla, Villanico, Jacaras, Xacara, etc.)
    Missa Mexicana
    Andrew Lawrence-King cond. The Harp Consort
    Harmonia Mundi (2002)

    My tastes range mainly from medieval to late baroque. This disc highlights some of the best baroque music either about or composed in New Spain, with a mass from Padilla leading the charge. It's a very unique disc by most standards, but then again, it's completely in line with the stuff that Harmonia does so well. The interplay of chorus and instruments is beautiful, and listening to it again just the other day, I'm dumbfounded by just how great the sonics are on this disc. Amazing!
  5. Beethoven
    String Quartets 2 in G Major & 4 in C Minor
    Smetana Quartet
    Denon (CD)
  6. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    I've heard great stuff about their Beethoven, but only about the late quartets. Did they record a complete cycle?
  7. AaronW

    AaronW Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    At this moment...
    Composer: Lalo/Saint-Saens/Bruch
    Work: Cello Concerto in D minor/Cello Concerto in A minor/Kol Nidrei
    Performer: Pierre Fournier w/Orchestra Lamoureux conducted by Jean Martinon
    Medium and Label: LP, DGG
    Date of performance: 1963?
    I highly recommend this excellent performance!
  8. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    Fournier is great! You reminded me that I got a CD by him recently. It has the Dvorak Concerto with Szell! Plus Schelomo by Bloch and Kol Nidrei by Bruch. I will spin this on the way to work tomorrow. :)
  9. I don't know, but based on these performances, I may be interested though.
  10. RussellG

    RussellG Forum Resident

    Composer: Grieg / Schumann
    Work: Piano Concertos
    Performer: Andsnes (piano), Jansons, Berlin PO
    Medium and Label: CD, EMI
    Date of performance: 2002
  11. OE3

    OE3 Senior Member

    Anderszewski is a master

    they may not be the 'last word' in Sibelius orchestra performances, but those Ashkenazy recordings are stunning (i have the orig. WG CDs).

    i have been listening to:

    Partitas 1, 3, 6
    perf. by Piotr Anderszewski
    Virgin Classics CD [rel. 2002]

    i saw Anderszewski's Bach recital last weekend at Disney Hall, Los Angeles, and it was mesmerizing. Bach with a romatic touch, the first half was Partitas 1 and 2, the second a couple preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier and an English Suite. he encored with the Bagatelles by Beethoven, which can be found on his excellent 2008 Virgin Classics release. i had been looking forward to that recital since February and it lived up to my expectations--best recital i've ever seen!! here is Mark Swed's review in the Los Angeles Times:

    and here's what esteemed critic Alan Rich had to say on his new blog,


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  12. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    A friend on another forum adores these performances. I hope to find it cheap someday! :)
  13. Bogey

    Bogey Spy Vinyl User

    Just pulled mine off the shelf. Indeed it is 1976 Wolfe. Though I prefer my Végh String Quartet stereo set the most, I do enjoy these early quartets by Smetana. And IMO they just plain cook on the Dvořák cd I have by them.
  14. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

  15. coopmv

    coopmv Newton 1/30/2001 - 8/31/2011

    CT, USA
    The Tallis Scholars Live in Oxford

    1. Salve Regina
    2. Gaude Virgo
    3. Absalon Fili Mi
    4. Gaude Plurimum
    5. Tribue, Domine
    6. O Sacrum Convivium
    7. Adolescentulus Sum Ego
    8. Vox Patris Caelestis

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  16. Bogey

    Bogey Spy Vinyl User

    Composer: Fauré
    Work: Requiem (1893 Version-First recording)
    Performer: The Cambridge Singers and members of the City of London Sinfonia/John Rutter conducting
    Medium and Label: CD/Collegium Records COLCD 101
    Date of performance: 1984
    Venue: University College School, London
  17. sungshinla

    sungshinla Vinyl and Forum Addict

    Just picked this up today in the original German tulip pressing with the "red stereo" laminated cover. Can't wait to clean and listen to it.

    Right now, I am listening to my second copy of David Oistrakh soloing Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major with Andre Cluytens conducting the French National Radio Orchestra. I can't afford the original on the UK EMI silver/powder blue label (or even the second red semi-circle label) and thus this US Angel original will have to do. My collection copy is the second US Angel pressing and it brings tears to my eyes -- not because the music is sad but rather because the performance is so incredible! This is the only recording of this great violin concerto that I would say is PERFECT.

  18. ultron9

    ultron9 Senior Member

    Composer: Bela Bartok
    Work: Concerto For Orchestra, Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste, Hungarian Sketches
    Conductor/Orchestra: Fritz Reiner/Chicago Symphony
    Medium & Label: SACD/CD Hybrid, RCA Living Stereo
    Date of Performance: 1955!, 1958 (Amazing early stereo!) Re-issue, 2003
  19. coopmv

    coopmv Newton 1/30/2001 - 8/31/2011

    CT, USA
    Bach: Sonatas for Cello & Piano

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  20. Bogey

    Bogey Spy Vinyl User

    I may have to dig around for a copy on your high rec. Did it ever make it to cd (though vinyl is always welcome here)? I have yet to hear a performance of LvB's Violin Concerto that just blew me away that I had to rush out and buy. Good to hear there may be one. I have considered giving this one a try on a friend's rec:


    As of now, I only have Grumiaux on Philips. It works, but nothing to shout from a mountain top about.
  21. Bogey

    Bogey Spy Vinyl User

    I have this tandem (Maiskey/Argerich) for the LvB Cello Sonatas. How does their Bach rate in your opinion?
  22. tps

    tps Forum Resident

    Philadelphia, PA
    I just downloaded the 24/88.2 recording of Handel's "Messiah" from Linn Records. Wonderful recording quality.

    I was listening to a recording of Schubert's Great (9th) Symphony I've had for a while. Its a Nimbus ambisonic recording by Roy Goodman & the Hanover Band. Got me to thinking I'd like to purchase this work by some well known conductor/orchestra. I've read good things about the Leonard Bernstein/NY Philharmonic recording, the Georg Solti/Vienna Philharmonic recording and also the Arturo Tosanini/NBC Orchestra recording. Can anyone recommend their favorite recording of this work?
  23. Bruno Water / Columbia Symphony is my favorite. Not exactly sure when recorded, 1962? but it's stereo on Sony (CD) SMK 64 478. Coupled with Incidental Music to Rosamunde, earlier mono recording, 1957?
  24. OE3

    OE3 Senior Member

    Rach 3

    Now i'm listening to a SPEAKERS CORNER reissue of:

    Byron Janis and Antal Dorati/London Symphony Orchestra
    Piano Concerto No. 3
    Mercury Living Presence LP [orig. rel. 1962?]

    Wilma Cozart Fine recording + mastered by Willem Makee + pressed at Pallas = doesn't get much better. Great performance, too, if not the 'be all end all' of Rach 3's.

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  25. apileocole

    apileocole Lush Life Gort

    Will soon be getting around to Dvorak, his 1st Symphony. Never heard his first few before. Trying to keep expectations low, but it's a bit of a struggle as I like him.

    Nice. :righton:
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