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Clearaudio Concept AC Cord

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by drjjpdc, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. drjjpdc

    drjjpdc Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I bought a Clearaudio Concept a few years ago. I dropped the power cord to the unit and cracked part of the housing. Their website did not mention anywhere to get a replacement.

    My model has a slide in section at the top that says 11.8593 /US. I started looking around online and could only find prices of $100.00. Is that what the basic power cord costs?

    I am on permanent disability with a single income. It just seems a bit excessive to have a $100 wall cord for a $1700 turntable.
  2. harby

    harby Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    The exact switch mode power supply is sold by the manufacturer here for 17.85 Euros:

    FOX6-X 2nd Gen

    12V, 600mA (7.2W) DC power supply.

    The US power plug snap-in is Friwo part 1847554, or 1847604 for the more waterproof version.

    The power supply-to-barrel plug cable is specified separately.

    Any low noise, low ripple regulated 12V power supply with the right size barrel connection and polarity should work.
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  3. drjjpdc

    drjjpdc Forum Resident Thread Starter


    Thank you for your advice. I was on my laptop for 2 hours and I couldn't buy any of this without a VAT number. Is there someway around this? Are there any other sources for this?
  4. harby

    harby Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    VAT I think refers to a reseller tax ID. The more common part number is Friwo FW8002/12. That has largely been discontinued in this voltage, replaced by "Gen2" FW8002.1/12.

    The problem seems buying it somewhere that accepts your US phone number, currency, and will ship to US. Newark has it listed, but "backordered" until 2021, which means probably never.

    The higher amperage FW8001/12 should also be compatible with the snap-in plug and cord.
    FW8001/12 - Buy Power Supply, 12V, 1.5A, 18W - Friwo( US also can't buy here)

    To be honest, I'd just go to a Goodwill with the cord, and find a reputable-looking 12V switch-mode power brick with the right size barrel connector. If I knew the barrel measurements (or Clearaudio provided them anywhere), I've probably got several that would fit. You shouldn't have to pay more than $15 for a new one anyway.

    The iPower 12V supply works with one of it's five adapters, but one reviewer reported noise, and "audiophile" probably means "marketing".
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  5. drjjpdc

    drjjpdc Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Harby, I'm just going to find a new cord like you said. I almost thought that I beat them but no. when I found the part in another country it was like $45 delivery for $2 part. Thanks for all your help.
  6. harby

    harby Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    Just thought of this thread when I found what's 90% likely the solution (small chance the barrel connector is wrong size):

    Accessories : PSU 12V 800mA

    Power supply sold by MiniDSP for their 24 bit ADC/DSP/DACs, more current and less ripple than the Clearaudio spec. Also has the interchangeable plug, but permanently-attached cord. Barrel Plug, 2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 10.0mm

    $20 + $22 shipping from Hong Kong.

    OK, lets do some more Google search. Would you believe the turntable uses max 1.5 watts? and here's (finally) it's jack (still no size):

    US eBay seller of MiniDSP stuff has a 3W power supply for $19 shipped:
    Regulated Power Supply for miniDSP 2x4 12V | eBay

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