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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Keith Beddard, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Keith Beddard

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    I’m having skipping issues with my setup. I’m using a Clearaudio Innovation with a CA TT3 arm and a dynavector 17D3 cartridge.

    Table is mounted on an interior wall with a wall shelf. I have some soft rubber pads with hard plastic on top, under the Innovation spiked feet.

    The table is level, the arm mounted on the CA arm board, level, adjusted to be in line on the gauge.

    I have run the 17D3 with no added head shell weight - skips like a schoolgirl.

    Added about 5 g head shell weight, a little better, but still skips regularly.

    Added another 4 g weight (total 9 g +/-) and a little less frequent, but still skips on fairly “active” sections.

    Generally happens at medium to high volume levels, which is somewhat annoying, I like to listen loud-ish.

    My shelf is 2 X 3/4 MDF glued and screwed mounted on two very strong wall brackets to studs in the interior wall. It is mounted in a corner of an interior and exterior wall about 5ft up on the interior wall.

    I’m really having a hard time trying to figure out if it’s a cartridge match issue or some kind of room interaction issue. I don’t get any noice if I rap on the wall.

  2. Subagent

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    Just bumping this up, as it's your first post and so delayed.

    I'm afraid I cannot advise. I know nothing about linear tonearms. Someone here must.
  3. Boltman92124

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    Did you try the set-up out on a regular audio rack or even a cabinet?
  4. Keith Beddard

    Keith Beddard Member Thread Starter

    No, I plan on trying it in my other system on the weekend, which is in another room. My floors are a little spongy, so footfalls have been an issue in the past.
  5. Davey

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    I would think a corner mount would be a bad choice for a turntable, you often get some strong resonance modes. The wall mount also doesn't guarantee an ideal siting of the table, especially at loud volume since the wall will vibrate, sometimes a lot more than a conventional floor standing rack. If you have a footfall issue, then wall mounts are the way to go if you have a quiet wall, so you may need better isolation between mount and table, or need to move the mount, or turn down the volume, or ... ?

    BTW, nice table, I'd love to see some pictures!
  6. Keith Beddard

    Keith Beddard Member Thread Starter

    I spoke to a local dealer who knows the TT3 well and he suggested 3 main changes:
    1) angle the arm horizontally so it is a little lower at the label end.
    2) re-dress the cable so it loops around clockwise
    3) remove the acrylic top piece

    With these changes things seem to run better, only had time to run a couple of sides last night, but they were the same ones that had skipped previously. Plan to run thru more today and up the volume to higher levels to see if things keep together.

    Here's a crappy pic:

    [​IMG]IMG_0653 by kbeddard, on Flickr
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  7. PMC7027

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    I have a Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood with a TT3 tonearm. I'm using a Clearaudio Meastro moving magnet cartridge. I have never had a problem with skipping. My turntable is on a VPI stand whose four legs are filled with a total of 100 pounds of lead shot. The stand sits on a rug with a concrete floor below it.

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