Click Repair *Real Time* and Crackles

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ThinWhiteDuke, Aug 11, 2019.

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    I've been running Click Repair RT (CR RT) for some time now and absolutely love it (mac version with a Behringer UCA 202).

    However I noticed the other day, after installing a new TT, that the number of crackles, whilst listening to my favourite CSNY record, is irritatingly high.

    After some investigation I narrowed it down to the version of CR RT that I've been using.

    I downloaded two versions both 1.3.2 and 1.4.3. and purely co-incidentally started using the later version by accident (having forgotten which version I've been using due to a gap in my listening regime).

    Whilst I wouldn't normally assume the software version would matter (other than the later version being better, removing bugs and performing better) I'm quite certain of the root cause of the issue (I spent some time playing with humidity meters and cleaning records and grounding cables and swapping head shells etc. looking to isolate the crackles having assumed static was the issue - my new cartridge reveals more high frequencies hence I now notice stuff I was missing earlier including unfortunately hiss and crackles noise).

    It appears that the something in version 1.4.3. is corrupting the audio when removing heavy concentrations of clicks, which the earlier version does not. No amount of playing with the settings in the later version fixed the problem.

    Ideally I'd like to use the latest version under the assumption I'll get the best experience but so far that's not the case.

    (I notice that the later version has two different modes of click repair 'simple' and 'wave' but neither mode makes any difference. I also suspect that the earlier version isn't removing some of the clicks hence I don't notice the damaged audio because it's not being activated).

    Any one else notice this behaviour and if so could advise what the cause is and if I'm likely doing anything wrong?
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    Has this program got any kind of threshold adjustment ? If so, try lowering it till the crackles are gone, even at the expense of letting some clicks and pops through. If you think the program makes the noises disappear at no cost for the audio, think of this : ¨there's no free lunch¨:targettiphat:
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    I can check my version number when back from work but I think it is the latest version. Have options with simple and wave. I don’t have any problems running it. There is also a separate thread about the RT clickrepair where som issues are discussed. Java version? Perhaps there is something in that thread.
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    The version I have is 1.4.3 and it works fine.
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