Cobra Kai-Karate Kid Sequel Series Starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka

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    I also said that Daniel is consistently an antagonist. See, not black and white.
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    I never thought Daniel was that likable in the films (Mr. Miyagi was obviously the hero of the story, probably why his face is the final shot of the first two, and the third as well when he and Daniel are hugging, but we see only Miyagi's face), but he was not a villain. He was just a bratty kid. I liked that they made Johnny more of a bully than a true villain, as he had enough grace to congratulate Daniel after getting beaten at the end of 1 and pushed back at Kreese's craziness at the beginning of 2.
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  3. My point is, if you go about, rich and successful, but try your damndest to screw a guy who's trying to get back on his feet, that's a pretty black & white villain in Cobra Kai. The result of Daniel's meddling set a chain reaction that spelled misery for all. Antagonist to the nth degree, in context of the show.

    Edit: That said, I tend to see the good in everyone, even if it's a tiny sliver. Daniel, to me, has a lot of good in him, yes.
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    Nah. A black and white villain is someone who's entirely motivated by malice or greed. Daniel is at least partially motivated by a sincere belief that the Cobra Kai teaching methods are destructive and dangerous to kids in the community. Of course he's also motivated by his subconscious resentment towards Johnny, based on their past. But he's someone that wants to do good and deceives himself into thinking he is doing good. That makes him a gray character, not black and white.
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    Agreed. And remember that Johnny was the ringleader of the group that bullied Daniel pretty hard, and even though Daniel got over on them at the tournament, it can be hard to ever really let go of all of the resentment you have towards the bullies. Factor in, like you said, his belief that the teachings of Cobra Kai were destructive, and it's no wonder that just the mere sight of Johnny still left a bitter taste in his mouth early on in the current series.
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