Cobra Kai-Karate Kid Sequel Series Starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka

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    I watched the first episode. I really enjoyed it. How I would love for past characters to return. Elizabeth Shue would be a stretch though. :p
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    I also thought the first episode was enjoyable and very well done. Now all it needs is a Elizabeth return to be a complete Shue in. :D
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  3. Sweep the leg!
  4. Just watched the trailer and its weird the Karate Kid grew up to be a D-bag and the other guy takes on the Sensei role. It kind of gives credence to the alternate take on the original Karate Kid.

    Anyway, this new series look like a lot of fun.
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    Watched all 10 episodes. Awesome just good 5 hours of fun. The folks working on the soundtrack gets a huge thumbs up. The show was just a little cheesy but in a good way with lots of twists and turns in the story, Just brilllant.
  6. Encuentro

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    Just finished it up and loved every second of it! A multitude of callbacks to the first film and few to the third film as well. It made laugh. It made me a little misty. Huge thumbs up from me! A wonderful series all around! Now we just have to wait a year for season 2.
  7. Karnak

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    "Lose that ringtone. Get some Guns & Roses or somethin.'
    What's Guns & Roses?":)
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  8. Encuentro

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    "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that." :)
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    I think they probably could cut this down into a movie version so it loses the fluff!
  10. I've seen up to episode 6 so far, and while it's good, it's not all that great. :)

    It's just as I predicted..
    .Down on his luck Johnny gets the kibosh from affluent Danny on just about everything, and though Johnny isn't a saint, this show proves that Danny can stoop even lower.
    It's good for a lot of laughs, though, sometimes because of this, sometimes because Johnny appears to have went to sleep in the '80s, only to wake up once to sire a child, and then go back to sleep until 2018.

    It's fun! Johnny makes the show, as well as the young portly black girl, who is a cool character.

    Since I haven't seen the end, my only hope is that Johnny kicks the hell out of Danny. I'm not one for violence, but somehow Danny needs to come down a few notches.
    Though he pays for Johnny's car repair, and buys Johnny a six pack, that's just another way for Danny to throw his money around in "big me, little you" manner. Hell, I know that Johnny was wrong to paint a big dick on Danny's billboard, but while everybody else takes it with a shrug and a grin, Danny shows his true colors by going over to his competitor's place and kicking his drink out of his hand. Of course, that guy was a prick, too. Come to think of it, almost all of the adults in this show are assholes, and these are these are the characters the kids have to look up to. :laugh:
  11. Glaeken

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    I'm about 5 eps in and am surprised how much I've enjoyed it.

    The '80s films paint Daniel as a socially inept, whiny but basically innocent teen (as most tend to be). The original Cobra Kai are irredeemable cardboard savages, except for a brief glimmer during the opening of Part II... which this series uses to great effect painting Johnny in a sympathetic light.

    The new series does a great job of subverting everything we know about Danny, Johnny and everyone else they come into contact with. There's a lot of layers that were never present in the originals, and that's what makes Cobra Kai far more interesting than it has any right to be, on paper.
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  12. gates69

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    Watched it and loved it
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  13. Edwin Hawley

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    Johnny Lawrence is the hero I never knew I needed.


  14. jojopuppyfish

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    I saw the first 2 and thought it was good and humerous
  15. MikaelaArsenault

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  16. fitzysbuna

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    you must be watching a different show! Johnny is a bit of a prick! but he is trying to change and Danny even though is successful does not appear to be happy either ! too me its not good guy vs bad guy show at the moment but that might change...
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  17. That's what I'm saying, all of the adults in this show aren't very good role models to the kids present, but at least Johnny is the one doing good by the neighborhood kids. Danny, what has he done? In fact,
    what Danny did about the strip mall is 10 times worse than anything Johnny has done.

    I'm in no way like Johnny, but I can applaud him, as he's trying to weed out the pussification of American kids (in his own special way). Who was Johnny? They showed him as a nerdy kid like the kids he is training. Now Danial-San is trying to stop this, because, like I said early, he thinks that his form of violent combat is somehow superior to Johnny's violent combat.

    Besides, it was an illegal kick. :p
  18. Karnak

    Karnak "81-82-83-84..."

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    The music in the first few moments in 'Present Day' (episode 1) reminded me of 'Jesse Stone'. It also made me dig out my lone Foreigner cd so I could play Head Games in my car today:cool:.
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  19. czeskleba

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    I've only seen the first two episodes, but based on that I'm surprised anyone perceives Johnny as sympathetic. He's a classic case of victim mentality... nothing that happens to him is his own fault. He constantly blames others rather than taking any responsibility for how his own actions and choices have put him where he is today. And his attempts to "help" kids are really all about self interest... he misses the power and respect he had when he was a teenage bully, and wants to relive that. This is also juxtaposed with the fact that he's a complete failure as a father to his own child.

    Danny is no prize either of course. He obviously hasn't gotten over being bullied and still nurses a grudge, and is petty and childish in his interactions with Johnny.

    The striking thing is that whereas the original films were cast as pretty clear black and white, good versus bad morality plays, there is no moral center in this show. No one seems admirable in the least. I guess that's more realistic, but it's also kind of depressing.
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  20. Encuentro

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    Johnny is admirable in that he is absolutely hysterical! He had me laughing my ass off! This show is a comedy.
  21. Rhett

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    I gotta admit the trailer didn't grab me but for fun I watched the 1st episode then I watched the second episode and I was hooked! I loved this series and have watched the whole thing. Johnny's character was the best and Zabka really nailed it. Where has this guy been (acting-wise)? I have not seen him in anything of real high profile. Why not? He was a really good actor in this - I think I ended up caring more for his story than Daniel's story.

    Anyway I liked the music, the writing. It was a top notch production - great stuff!
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  22. Yeah, I finished last night, and it was super radical. Johnny makes the show, Danny not so much. But you're right; it's a comedy. It's just that
    some of the stuff that Danny pulls when Cobra Kai was trying to get reinstated, that Danny is the fiercest opposition, just...because! Then he ends up Robby's corner, right in front of Johnny's face. That's hardcore!

    Hey, you know, I don't get off on a deadbeat dad, either. I can't stand them. Still, outside of that, I think you have it all backwards. Danny was just as much an instigator, if not more so, in what went down when they were in high school.

    But you're right. Danny and Johnny are both turds. It makes it funny.
  23. Dr. Bogenbroom

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    Already picked up for season 2!
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  24. jdlaw

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    Watched it over the weekend, and enjoyed the heck out of it! Great news that it got picked up for season #2!

    Without giving away any spoilers, all I can say is you will never be able to watch the first film and see it in the same way ever again.
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