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  1. Xander2017

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    Ontario, Canada
    I am looking to buy an LP off them at Discogs.


    Their shipping rate to Canada seems almost too good to be true. I have ordered quite a few LPs from the US and not had to pay duty so far, and wanted to make sure the same happens with C-C.

    Any fellow Canadians bought from them on Discogs?

  2. Strat-Mangler

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    There's no way for you to predict whether you'll pay duty fees. The price is nice but they used DHL to ship to me and I was charged a duty fee. The shipping company is at their discretion.

    For a single LP, that's not too bad but in my case, it was 6 so it hurt a lot more.

    Now, I have a warehouse account near the border where I have everything shipped to. I let it pile up for months and then swing by to collect everything. No duty fees ; I only have to pay the 13% sales tax on the converted amount (from US to CDN) of the purchase. The shipping fees are also cheaper when shipping within the US.

    Highly recommended if you live relatively close to the border. Takes me 2h each way which isn't too bad. I save thousands every year. Even had an oven sent there. Otherwise, shipping and duty fees would have cost the same as the oven.

    EDIT : they also have their own website. Sometimes, prices are cheaper.

    Collectors' Choice Vinyl
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  3. Xander2017

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    Ontario, Canada
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Up to now all my US LPs have shipped through USPS. Maybe I will look elsewhere.

    Thanks again
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