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    20% off orders $50 or more with coupon code ELVIS20 expires 5/30/18, fresh from the April 2018 catalog.
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    Thank you! This is the type of info that this thread was created for.
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    Oh beautiful - thanks for the info.
    At last! :)
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    20% off, YOUNG20
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    I'm looking at the Tragically Hip LP box with 20% off via the YOUNG20 deal. It would take it down to around $350 including shipping, which is about $40 lower than the price from MusicVaultz, even with the benefit of the exchange rate conversion from the Canadian to the US dollar.
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    It’s cheaper at MusicVaultz if you use the 15% off code VAULTZ
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    JUNE20 = 20% off $50+ orders, expires July 31
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    JUNE20 isn't working for me. Any other codes out there?
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    Now working. :)
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    Doesn't work for me. Says "Invalid Promo Code". I've emailed them. We'll see what they'll say.
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    Seems like they took the codes offline for a while. I then had to empty my basket to get things working again.
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    Did so but no luck. We'll see what CC has to say.
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    Update : it turns out they have 2 websites. and The promo code is only valid for the former.

    I was putting my order through on the latter. Don't really understand the difference between the two, though.

    Anyway, it only cost an extra $9 to ship my order to Canada so I'm pretty happy about that. :)
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    I wonder just how many sites they do own, as it turns out they own too.
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    It's far more than I thought if just a fraction of > these < are active.
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  20. They started buying up the remaining media retailers (both music and movies) on the net around a decade ago. It looked to me like they were trying to corner the physical media market outside of Amazon's control. I guess the strategy worked, the competition outside of Amazon and the big retail chains all but disappeared.
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    I've never found the ccvinyl site to have better pricing than ccmusic - don't really understand that, as their other sites tend to alternate between which has the best deals...
    And deepdiscount.
    Impressive list, but as you note, several are dead links...
  22. Strat-Mangler

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    Advice for Canadians looking to have an order shipped to them through CCmusic. Don't. Avoid!

    They use DHL, the absolute worst carrier and biggest scammers on the planet. The taxes are fine, although there would be none had they used USPS but the brokerage fees are ridiculous. It'll cost me 31$ for a 100$ order. Again, AVOID!
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    seems to be gone again .....
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    It took me quite a few tries to get YOUNG20 to work, but I can be mighty stubborn to save a few bucks...
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    Marlboro , ma. usa

    Thanks ! i'll try it again a few times over the next day or so :righton:
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