Coming to America 2

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Juan Matus, Jan 11, 2019.

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  2. GentleSenator

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    seems... uh... cool?
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  3. Vidiot

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    "Wipers!" :sigh:
  4. Oakvale

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    Believe it when I see it. Beverly Hills Cop 4 has been in production for decades now.

    I just don't think Eddie has much desire to resume his career.
  5. Instant Dharma

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    Hopefully Louie Andersons’ character has been promoted to lettuce by now.
  6. Quadboy

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    Not much chance of a cameo from the 'Trading Places' pair this time ........Maybe Dan and Jamie instead.
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  7. Oatsdad

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    As the article notes, Murphy just worked with the announced director on a Rudy Ray Moore biopic, so his career has already "resumed".

    He also did a movie called "Mr. Church" in 2016, though it didn't get much distribution and it only made about 27 cents at the box office.

    I have no idea if "CTA2" will actually happen, but the circumstances make it feel more "real" than the various "BHC4" possibilities... :shrug:
  8. Oatsdad

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    They could make CG versions of Ameche and Bellamy! :D
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  9. Oatsdad

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    BTW, am I the only one who didn't know there was a 2013 TV movie "reboot" of "BHC"? :wtf:

    Apparently it used Axel's son as the lead, and Murphy is in it - presumably as a cameo, but since I didn't even know it existed until a few minutes ago, that's just a guess!
  10. longdist01

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    Brandon T. Jackson/Eddie Murphy
  11. captainsolo

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    This seems like a pointless idea. I like Murphy very much, but outside of Bowfinger I don't think he's made a good picture in decades. The only sequel they should have done years ago was a hard R rated 72 Hrs. That actually reminds me, maybe one day the not hacked up version of Another 48 Hrs. could be released in a set of both films where they actually have good transfers for about the first time ever. (The Laserdiscs were good and that's about it. The sequel is not in HD anywhere and the Blu-ray of the classic landmark original film is so piss poor that it's not really an upgrade over the eventual anamorphic DVD Paramount put out.)
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  12. PaulKTF

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    Anyone who saw the original has aged out of wanting to see this sequel by now so what's the point?
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  13. Avenging Robot

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    The original was kind of a "meh" movie IMHO and certainly not worth waiting 30-odd years for a sequel.
  14. greelywinger

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  15. David Fischer

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    Let's hope Sexual Chocolate are still together to make an appearance
  16. wwaldmanfan

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    I just watched that a couple of nights ago. Murphy plays a personal chef to a woman who dies of cancer. He raises her orphaned daughter, then, he dies. A laugh a minute.
  17. the pope ondine

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    ehhhhh if john landis was doing it id be a little excited but...kind of luke warm on this
  18. profholt82

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    Reportedly, Landis and Murphy didn't get along very well on the set of 'Coming to America' and clashed heads at times. Murphy was a much bigger star by that point than he had been on their previous project, 'Trading Places,' and had much more control over the movie. He was the main producer, and was credited with creating the story and characters. I think Landis preferred having more control than he was afforded in 'Coming to America.' I doubt that either of them would want to do the sequel together.
  19. englishbob

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    Doesn't surprise me - Hollywood out of ideas for decades.

    Must be about time again to reboot Spiderman and remake some old Hitchcock
  20. the pope ondine

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    yeah I remember, its a shame, without landis I think this will be run of the mill with callbacks (remember sexual chocolate?)
  21. tommy-thewho

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    I liked the first one.

    They may have waited too long to do a sequel.

    I would love another Beverly Hills.

    Their doing another Bad Boys so maybe they will do this also.
  22. Vidiot

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    Oh, that's a long story. Here's some of it:

    Landis, in a 2005 interview, granted that Murphy had changed. “The guy on Trading Places was young and full of energy and curious and funny and fresh and great,” he explained. “The guy on Coming to America was the pig of the world — the most unpleasant, arrogant, bull**** entourage, just an ***hole.”
    How Coming to America Flipped the Script on Eddie Murphy’s Career
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  23. PaulKTF

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    Bring on The Nutty Professor 3!

    I'm actually kind of surprised we didn't get that circa 2003 or there abouts
  24. Somewhat Damaged

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    Never knew this (from the Rolling Stone interview linked in the article although only page 2 is still online)

    John Landis: 'When I was twenty-five, I was hired to be… one of the twelve writers on The Spy Who Loved Me.; It was very exciting.; I fly to London, and work with Guy Hamilton and Anthony Burgess.; Guy ended up quitting, and I ended up leaving.; It was the moment when Cubby Broccoli and Harry Salzman were suing one another.; They weren’t speaking.; It was very hard.; Whatever you pitched to Harry, he’d say, “What’d Cubby say?”, and whenever you pitched to Cubby, he’s say, “What’d Harry say?”;So, you were ****ed.; But I worked with Guy Hamilton for a few months, and I really grew fond of him; he was a very funny man.;So, this was before videotape, and I got all of the Bond films on 16mm film, and I’m watching them in my flat in London.; And there’s this moment in Diamonds Are Forever where they go into the Las Vegas, and Bond is shown the room where they’re going to put Jill St. John.; The C.I.A. guy is saying, “Don’t worry.; We have men everywhere.; We have men over here, we have men over there”, and then he opens up this door and says, “and here’s Guy.”; He opens this door, and just standing there is Guy Hamilton.; And then they close the door and go on with the scene.;It has nothing to do with anything, but because I was working with Guy Hamilton, I was like, “What!?!?”; That really made me laugh.'
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