Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles (1965 book)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by boyjohn, Sep 17, 2023.

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    I'm sure that a lot of you Beatles fans have heard about this book, where the author tries to connect the Beatles with, well some crazy things. Well, a YouTuber has decided to read the book to us and make some comments. It's very funny (in a way).

    I also wanted to promote this guy's channel a bit, he only gets a few hundred views per video, but he puts out some really nice videos, especially about old transistor radios, but on some other stuff as well.


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    Hilarious. Watching now. Thanks for the recommend.
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    I remember reading about that book in the past. I will watch it for the lolz and, hopefully, I will have a new worthy channel to follow.
    Because nothing screams communism like a western rock band that raises over everyone else, with its members becoming millionaires, by selling their records in the millions, through a trans-national private company, to everyone living in a capitalist economic system in the world while they are banned in every soviet-aligned country. How could we NOT see it??
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    that book was once in my collection...I'm going to watch the link...thanks.
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    His delivery is funny as hell. Emphasis and inflection on certain words was perfect.
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    I think I read this once long ago, or something very like it.
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    Communism, Hypnotism, and a Slipping Image.
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  9. bekayne

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    There was a sequel from the author

  10. bekayne

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    Communism, Trepanning, and a Slipping Image
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    Noebel also wrote a book called Rhythm, Riots and Revolution.
    The illustration kinda looks like Dylan on the cover.
    Obviously he was not a fan of rock music.
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    Alllllll this anti-Rock content has been with us since the days when Bill Haley counted off his famous "1-2-3 o'clock, 4 o'clock Rock". Believe me when I tell you that someone today could assuredly print up "Communism, Hypnotism, & Taylor Swift".
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    I heard that his next book was going to be "Socialism,Satanism and The Rolling Stones" but his publisher declined it saying "to hell with them".
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    Glad they kicked Lennon out of the Beatles and replaced him with Stu Cook of CCR.

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    Oh so the millionaire Beatles were communist subversives too eh? Figures, I think I read about them in one of Bob Larson's books.
    At one time I had a sealed copy of this guy's follow-up "The Marxist Minstrels" espousing the evil threats to society posed by communist agent/folk singers such as Dylan, Baez, Ochs, Pete Seeger, you know, the usual suspects!
    After awhile I couldn't stand owning it or having it in the house anymore so I tried selling it thinking it was a "collector's item" worth a bundle but no one wanted to buy it.
    Eventually I think I got a couple bucks in trade for it from some capitalist vinyl monger along with my copies of Spiro Agnew's Greatest Speeches (also sealed!) and a truly dreadful album bythe Goldwaters Songs To Bug the Liberals that unfortunately wasn't still sealed.
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    Those of us like myself who were too young to attend a "concert" by "entertainers" such as "The Beatles" are truly lucky indeed. I've always felt like I was "nerve jammed" even before rock 'n roll "music" became my favorite brand of "entertainment."

    One question: if The Beatles were communists, why would John Lennon (! right there) say something like "Paul -- let's write another swimming pool" -- I don't get it. Wait -- maybe it was a clever ruse to pretend to be interested in royalties to fool us. Insidious.
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    Lol, you obviously "watched" the "video."
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  22. EdogawaRampo

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    I've watched a few of his vids at this point and I agree with you -- these are really nice, worthwhile when the vast majority are not. I thought this one was especially touching:

  23. The American Right Wing Lunatic Fringe started hoeing the row of Communist Conspiracy Narrative as far back as the 1940s- after "we" (the US) "lost China", by declining to use American armed forces and/or our then-monopoly over atomic bombs to assist the Nationalist side against the Maoists; the Communist Conspiracy narrative got another boost when President Truman forced General MacArthur into retirement in 1951 in the middle of the Korean War, after MacArthur demanded the power to build on his successful campaign in North Korea by "recapturing China" invading it (with nuclear option in hip pocket.) Truman had previously ordered the racial integration of American armed forces...thereafter, the Lunatic Fringe viewed the reluctance in the official circles of American foreign policy to provoke a Nuclear Showdown with the USSR and PRC as proof of Treason in the highest reaches of US government, and every upset of the Stateside cultural status quo in the 1950s and 1960s as Moscow-directed KGB subversion of the American way- notably including Racial Integration, Negro-influenced Rock and Roll, Dope, and other signs of the rising tide of Cultural Decay and Youthful Delinquency. And "Pinkos", if you know what I mean.

    American Extreme Right groups like the Minutemen and the John Birch Society achieved their high water mark around 1960, with the JBS well-known for its campaign to "Impeach Earl Warren" (the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that ruled in 1954 that legally enforced segregation was unfair to black people), and the statement by JBS head Robert Welch that President Eisenhower had acted as a "dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist Conspiracy" for calling out the National Guard to enforce that ruling. At that point, even William F. Buckley called out Welch for being off his rocker. The JBS lost its momentum in its bid for wider popularity as a force in US politics. (The modern lunatic fringe right wing still draws on some 1950s era JBS narratives. But compared to the original JBS, most of the American "alt-right" of 2023 are a pack of commie sympathizers in many ways, based on their widespread assent to- or even participation in- behaviors that the leadership of 70 years ago would have viewed as proof of sedition and subversion. Some modern-day alt-rightists are even Beatles fans.)

    The organized Far Right maintained a well-paid roster of public speakers, authors, broadcasters, organizations, and publishing houses- one of which was Christian Crusade Publications, the in-house publisher of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, which was headed for many years by the Reverend Billy James Hargis. Until, Paul Harvey used to say, "here's The Rest Of The Story": The Strange Love of Dr. Billy James Hargis | This Land Press - Made by You and Me
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    Communism, Hypnotism, Botulism, Tommy Smothers, “all we are saying….” ;)
  25. Orthogonian Blues

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    John Lenin, Ringo Starrlin, George Hochimin and Paul Maocartney were communists?

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