Comparing a $20 Phono Cartridge to a $250 Cartridge

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Rivcuban, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Here is a very informative page on stylus shapes, by one of the leading cartridge experts on the planet.

    Peter Ledermann, well known and very well respected owner and designer of Soundsmith. He discusses wear, and sound of different stylus shapes, etc.

    He's the guy that almost everyone on the world sends their cartridges to, for having them retipped and/or rebuilt. He can upgrade/replace stylus types, cantilevers, rebuild motors, and other cartridge services. He also makes some of the best sounding cartridges on the market, at most price ranges.
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    Thanks lucca.
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    Simoon...I just received my upgrade elliptical stylus from LP. It was a bitch to install but I finally was able to do it. WOW! The sound was so much better than the Audio Technica conical stylus. This new stylus is probably as good as my old Ortofon Red. Thanks again.
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    Is that a compliment? :hide:
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    Of course! Both are great budget cartridges. I use an Ortofon Blue now and I'm really happy.

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