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    It’s hard to deal with this and not get into politics, but the single biggest change in the workforce in our lifetime has been the legislation that made it possible to hire replacement workers if/when unions went on strike. Union strikes used to be front page news and now they’re practically non-existent.

    I was a manager when unions still had (some) power, and I sat across from union negotiators and employees who I liked and respected and we worked out deals that left everyone with dignity and a sense of justice.

    I feel for Amazon workers, but I feel for all the hourly workers everywhere who have had their rights emasculated by their inability to effectively organize.

    And if this goes over the non-political line, please accept my apologies and delete it.
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    :agree: Scumbag gubberments.
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    You should use some of this genius to help the prime minister with Brexit.
    Its being wasted euro-splaining capitalism to the rest of us. Thanks.
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    I've noticed a few delivery issues happening recently (not necessarily Amazon only) and I'm wondering if there's been a big uptick in online purchases this Christmas period vs previous years and not by a small margin that's affecting service levels. Or maybe it's always been like this and I only just noticed it :)
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    Ok...I'll play:

    I'm a Prime member. I don't like the LDCs (Local Delivery Carriers) they use. Laser Ship in particular is just awful. The only saving grace was the fact that they would deliver to my neighborhood very early in the morning and on Sundays. A few months ago, the former changed in a big way. Now I consistently get my Amazon packages at the butt end of the delivery window, which means sometimes 8-9PM. On new release days, this is maddening.

    Also - their packaging has gotten inconsistent and have experienced damages.
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    The PM is seeking a compromise which satisfies most people, but obviously not the rabid brexiteer extremists and the rabid remoaners. This would work if the labour party stopped using the issue as a party political football to try and force a general election that 1) they would never get and 2) would never win. Brexit has nothing to do with party politics, nor does it have anything to do with capitalism v socialism or left v right. Our politics, including the voters, are too immature to embrace this though. "Stupid people" as someone recently did not say.
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    man you aint KIDDING .... just did me a REAL solid ....

    had a really bad run of defective new records in a certain order, and one LP that was actually the wrong title (the thin cardboard stated the title i wanted but the LP was different, and the replacement was the same) ...

    ANYway .... long story short, due to some really tragic stuff going on in my life ... i was unable to get my act together to return the defective LPs, and both copies of the wrong LP that they sent me .... i was charged for replacements where the original item wasn't returned as well ....

    that was in APRIL.

    i just called them a few minutes ago, and explained my situation, and since the computer was unable to re-process the return labels .... i was switched over to a manager ...

    she told me that they would process the refunds and that i didn't have to send ANYthing back.

    i was floored.

    i'm glad i took the chance and called them, as i was putting it off and off just cause i didn't want to be disappointed. well ..... now i'm getting almost $170 CAD BACK.

    that kind of customer service is unheard of .... (i do have a long hi$tory of purcha$es through them though - and whether that was a factor or not, i am very appreciative)

    compare this type of CS to going back to a brick n mortar where managers try to pull guilt trips on you .... "well i can't send this back to the distributor so i have to eat this ...." a line which i later found out .... was a LIE ....

    i'm sorry but i'm not into subsidizing record labels, pressing plants and record stores ....

    it's a tough situation to be in for sure and i don't envy those who have to compete in this climate ...

    i suppose amazon has to be playing all this 'loss' to their advantage in a way that these brick n mortars probably can't .....

    i still do support and buy sure shot LPs from brick n mortars ....(when pressed at places like QRP, RTI, or PALLAS) .... but anything that might be sketchy i certainly do get from amazon ..... as they take as much of the hassle out of dealing w vinyl defects, as they can.

    btw .... someone above mentioned the possibility of people lying about a return - because they didn't like an item .... amazon will actually refund you for an item you don't like. they gave me a refund for a very expensive 45RPM vinyl pressing of 'the yes album' .... which i frankly ... did not like.

    full refund. no questions asked.

    i appreciated that as well.

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    This isn't major, and would indeed qualify as a 1st world problem - but it's strange.

    So, I order two new release CD's. I have Prime, and both are advertised as "Next day" delivery.

    The products don't arrive, and when I check my order, it says they won't get to me until Thursday.

    I check the product page, and they now say delivery is "Same Day".

    I contact them and they say: "Sorry, but your order was damaged or lost in transit. You must wait." I tell them, "But if I cancel my order, and then reorder, it'll be here today?"
    "Would you like to cancel and reorder?"

    Now, I can wait for the CD's. But man, it's weird. :D

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