Copenhagen record stores?

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by RiRiIII, May 3, 2018.

  1. RiRiIII

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    Athens, Greece
    As I happen to be in Copenhagen this evening, I would be interested in visiting a couple of record stores: RSD releases, jazz, classical.

    Many thanks for any recommendations!

  2. brimuchmuze

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    Going to Copenhagen later this year so also curious.

    I understand Denmark is crazy expensive though, so what are prices like for used vinyl / CDs?
  3. LarsO

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    Did you find any, and do you remember the name(s)? I am going there next month.
  4. old45s

    old45s MP3 FREE ZONE

    Just "Google" 'Copenhagen vinyl Record Stores' - there are several that appear well-stocked judging by their photo's. I'm going there next month... then on to Berlin which has MANY record shops AS OPPOSED TO HERE IN SYDNEY!!!!!
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  5. LarsO

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    Found this thread as well:

    Vinyl and CD shopping in Copenhagen and Stockholm?

    Sound Station, Accord and Route 66 seems to be good options.

    Have a nice trip!
  6. Record Rotator

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    Sound Station: New vinyl & CDs

    Route 66: New vinyl

    Sound (by Accord): New vinyl

    Accord: Used vinyl & CDs
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  7. Record Rotator

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    BEAT: New vinyl
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