Counterpart starring J.K. Simmons

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Chazro, Jan 24, 2018.

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    Agree! Fantastic show !
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    I love the premise and really liked Season 1. I just feel that Season 2 has too many peripheral characters. The last episode was really good and I'm sticking with the show. I don't want/need everything explained to me regarding plot but the overabundance of characters and not knowing which universe the scene is taking place in all the time is too confusing. I thought Fringe was an extremely good and complex show (and had to read season recaps sometimes to remember what happened in previous seasons) but it wasn't confusing in the same sense. Same with Person Of Interest. I also think of the word "prime" as meaning first so I wish they didn't call the alternate universe Prime.
  3. Veltri

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    I binged the two seasons to date, two episodes a day, and that might be the way to go. It wasn't too convoluted that way since everything was fresh.

    The good acting, storytelling and visual cues make it pretty clear where the scene takes place.

    If there's a third season I would like to see more of the other world.
    I want to know if the Expos win the World Series.
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    Latest episode was good. A lot more coherent. Finally everyone seems to be finding out about each other too. Will be interesting to see what happens when the two Managements meet...if they do.
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  6. Bachtoven

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    Dang. Even though it's a little hard to follow at times, I hate to see such a thought-provoking, well written and acted show get cancelled.
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    Dammit, that is the worst news I have heard so far in 2019 (and I had a brother get injured in a car wreck 10 days ago-don't really like him though) I came on here to post about how excellent this weeks episode was and I find this out. REALLY hope this finds a new home. so much potential for more intrigue in the future with the newest developments
  8. Lonson

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    Well, I can live with it being canceled, though I love the show, in large part because the series finale was excellent. Two fascinating seasons, a lot of shows give us less.
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    It got all wrapped up; no loose ends. Great show!
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    I thought the ending was great. It provided enough closure if this is indeed the last season ever, and it also provided a new course should the show continue on some other platform.
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    I am sad to see this one cancelled, but at least it wrapped up the storylines quite well.
    I still feel it's use of James Carr's 'Dark End Of The Street' at the end of the first episode was fantastic.
    I'd never heard his music before, so I'm grateful for the intro via an amazing song.

    I'm not sure continuing the show will maintain the interest given the Berlin/Cold War arc was pretty much concluded. It might end up becoming just another espionage type show & my interest would wane.
    Still, I'm glad we had 20 episodes though of a great show that will stand up to repeated binging over the years.

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