Cowboy albums signed by Tommy Talton now available from Real Gone Music

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by realgoneguy, May 18, 2018.

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    Ordered the Boyer & Talton last week.
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  3. Grabbed both plus the upcoming Cheap Trick, thanks.
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  4. Both arrived today and I’m playing Cowboy/Cowboy. Pretty smooth sounding album from Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton along with the guys recruited to recoded this album. They sound like they’ve been playing together for a long time. Really tight playing with a Tower of Power sounding horn section on one cut. Even a little Reggae flavor on another. SQ is excellent too. Never heard either when they were originally released. I’m enjoying the hell of this one now. Better late than never!
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    Got 'em both autographed. Nice job as usual from Real Gone.

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