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    Good evening kids,
    I have an Onkyo TX-8270 powering Magnepan LRS+ speakers and a Polk Audio PSW Series PSW505 12. Aside from
    traditional crossover settings the The TX-8270 has a crossover setting called “full”. I cannot find any details as to the benefits of this setting. Any ideas on what it is and how it may be beneficial or detrimental to my listening (streaming Tidal and vinyl) mostly classic rock, 90’s grunge. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Have you looked at your manual? Page 37, under Crossover:
    Select the crossover frequency from "40Hz" to "200Hz" to start
    outputting frequencies for each channel. (Default Value is "100Hz")
    "Full Band": Full band will be output.

    • If "Configuration" - "Subwoofer" is set to "No", "Front" will be fixed to "Full Band".
    Double Bass
    This can be selected when the "Front" setting is "Full Band".
    Boost bass output by sending the bass of the front speakers to the subwoofer.
    "On": Bass output will be boosted.
    "Off": Bass output will not be boosted.

    • This setting cannot be selected when you have set "Configuration" - "Subwoofer" to "No.
    So, 'Full' would mean your Maggies are effectively getting the full frequency signal, there's no cut of bass frequencies for the L & R. You could do 'Full', but depending on the music you're playing and at what volume, for Maggies...:shake:
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