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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jackie P, Jan 22, 2013.

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    My postie just delivered Mikey Dread's African Anthem. I did have the Auralux version on vinyl but sold it following a regrettable cull. It's the MOV reissue on transparent blue vinyl. Very impressed so far - flat, centered and plays clean. Only 1000 pressed, so grab it before they sell out.
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  2. Now some "Rock" guitars in Reggae DID work
    to wit (I love that expression!)

    fast forward to 35:25 or so and check out Donald Kinsey (who is a wicked BLUES guitarist from Chicago first and foremost, check his Kinsey report albums, on Alligator records, I seem to recall)

  3. It is a record by BU produced by S&R but, unlike Sinsemilla, for instance, it is not "owned" by TAXI Records, it is owned by Jammys.
    This debut album has a rich life. The title of the album alone changed so many times: Black Sounds Uhro, Black Sounds Of Freedom, Love Crisis, the mixes too.
    To me it lacks the punch of the following album, "Showcase", and fails to reach the sophistication of the Island albums, which are soooooo different from those more "strictly jamaican" records
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    I immediately thought of Kinsey when @99thfloor mentioned guitars in reggae upthread. His solos are incredible to me. I'm unaware he had his own band and albums, so I'm definitely going to check them out. :edthumbs:
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    It actually only had two titles: "Love Crisis" (original mix) and "Black Sounds of Freedom" (the remix).
    Black Sounds Uhro was definitely meant to be the name of the group; the liner notes refer to this explicitly.
    The liner notes of the original UK issue also say "arranged, produced and mixed by Jammys", so I'll take the claim that it's a S&R production with a grain of salt.
    The role of the producer in Jamaican music is hard to pin down anyway - often it just seems to be whoever paid for the sessions.

    Nitpicking, I know, but sometimes I can't help it. Sorry.
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    Some folks here will know that flute in Reggae is my big love, but I am partial to a good guitar Reggae/Rockout as well...

    Here's a superb example, the little recorded James Eastwood with a superb fuzz guitar workout on the Darker Shade Of Black/Norwegian Wood rhythm for Herman Chin-Loy

    And from the sublime to the ridulous, although it's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine; Errol Dunkley with The Impact All Stars - O Lord for Vincent Chin/Randy's

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    Another Randy's production with some tasteful guitar workouts in the background. Supposedly the Wailers band on rhythm duties so would that make it Alva Lewis on the guitar?

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    Talking of great guitarists in reggae, John Kypiaye deserves a mention. His work with LKJ is sublime.
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    The first side of Sly & Robbie's Disco Dub LP is rather unique in that it features a lead guitar played in a style I've never heard in reggae before or after. The guitarist is Douggi/Dougie Bryan, according to the credits.

    But beware, there's an album with the same name, cover and even the same track titles on Spotify (and other places on the net) which is completely different from the vinyl album released back in 1979. As far as I know, that music has never been released digitally.
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    Radcliffe "Duggie" Bryan, once a member of the Sensations, longtime session player. Toured with Toots for a long time but I don't know if he still does.
  12. The weird sound is not Dougie, but Robbie Shakespeare using a device on his bass he can't recall the name of.

    Other examples of Robbie making his bass sound a way can also be heard on Gamblers Choice (different tone, but check out coon can, for instance)

    Nowadays, he still does it with a different technique with no device, just effects in the board and 2-3 knobs on his bass. He did a B side for Fruit Records a couple of years ago

    Could you send the link to the one you mention so I can check it out? Thanks

    We did reissue Disco Dub in digital format. I handled the restoration and remastering myself with engineers here in Paris. Here is the spotify link

    Disco Dub

    BTW, we also reissued in digital (I'm just listing spotify links but they're available on every freaking platform) all of their old releases. Here are some

    Gamblers Choice Gamblers Choice

    we screwed up badly (I'll take full responsibility for that) and titled the tracks wrong, mixing up Side A and B. Typical Jamaican mistake that would seem easy to fix, but IODA (back in the day they were our online distributor before being acquired by The Orchard) could never get the changes made correctly so we gave up after a while... I should just reissue it again and scrap that release which will further confuse consumers because sometimes platforms take a long time to remove content or modify it or just refuse to upload new content sating it's been released before (typical IA for you)

    Rebel Soldier Rebel Soldier
    Electro Reggae Electro Reggae
    The Sixties+Seventies+Eighties=TAXI=Sly & Robbie The Sixties+Seventies+Eighties=TAXI=Sly & Robbie
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  13. yes he does
    here he is during a session I produced for Mayer Hawthorne in 2017 with S&R. You can see and hear Mikey Chung next to him. What a joy to see those two awesome persons play

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  14. and in this video, on the same song as Dougie, here is Robbie doing his bass and check at 1:45 or so how he does the weird sounding bass sound

    it's right before our very eyes. I get goosebumps watching Robbie every freaking time

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    I picked up the only roots version to replace my cheap & nasty clocktower repress, and it's a nice sounding LP. I've yet to be disappointed with their reissues. It has the original artwork and labels too, which is a nice touch.
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    Thx. I’ve picked up a few of their Rockers 12” which are very good.
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    I'm not sure what kind of link you want me to send, since IMO that music is not in the digital realm.

    The Discogs link to my LP would be the following:
    Sly & Robbie - Disco Dub
    My copy has "Robbie and Sly Disco Dub" etched in the dead wax.

    The only track I recognize in the Spotify version (your link) is the last one, which is called "Battle of the Titans" on Spotify and "Side Walk Doctor" on the vinyl version, where it's the first track on the A-side. But the Spotify version has a strange fade-out long before the track actually ends, which is not present on the vinyl version.
    The Youtube link in post #5184 above is for a needledrop of this track, and to the best of my knowledge the only part of the vinyl album available online.

    The other tracks on the vinyl are simply not part of the Spotify version; "Depth Charge" on the LP for instance is a dub of Black Uhuru's version of "No, No, No", and the "Mickey Mouse" on the LP is nowhere as silly as the "Mickey Mouse" on Spotify.

    Also, I'm not sure we're talking of the same thing with regard to the distorted guitar - to me the effects Robbie produces on the bass in the clips you provided don't sound anything like what I hear on those Disco Dub tracks (vinyl version).

    Edit: Just found a needledrop of "Depth Charge" on Youtube:
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    Crucial Dub time!


    LIVING DUB VOL: 2 - BURNING SPEAR (Burning Spear) LP


    Dub versions of Burning Spear's Hail H.I.M. LP.

    A hugely impressive roots dub LP.

    Behold the Spear burning!
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    Circling back around to this. I got a copy of Rivers of Babylon when it dropped in price on recently. I can tell you that it blows that Earmark comp out of the water in terms of sound quality. It's a good sounding pressing, just wish it had a few more tunes.
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  20. the living dub series started with the dub version of "Social living" and is a freaking masterpiece

    look for the original vinyl release because the recebt reissue by universal (with the vocal album) sucks ass

    in the 90's Heartbeat released living dub 1 -2 on cd but these are new mixes by Barry O'Hare that try to mimick the original mixes. Very well done but not exactly as magnificently great as the original

    for completists its great fun to spend hours comparing the original and the redone mixes
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  21. Hes got a nice album on LKJ's label
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    Are there legit CDs of Living Dub Vol 1 and 2 that have the original mixes?
  23. Jackie P

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    The 2015 Caroline / Island / Universal CD release of Social Living is legit (with original mixes) although it has obviously been mastered for CD release. Although nothing will every match the sound from the vinyl LPs the sound on the CD is nowhere near as inferior as suggested above. If you can't find the LP versions I would have no hesitation recommending the Social Living Caroline / Island / Universal CD edition - plus it has a nice 8 page booklet included and won't cost a fortune - it's currently selling on Amazon UK for the very attractive price of £5.75.

    CD details here
    Burning Spear - Social Living / Living Dub

  24. knb

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    There is at least a stand-alone CD of the first volume
    There is a stand-alone legit CD of Vol 1:
    Burning Spear - Original Living Dub Vol. 1

    I have both, and a quick comparsion netted the following result:
    The stand-alone has much more detail in the upper register; some might even consider it a little bright. Personally, I think it sounds very good.
    The Caroline version sounds somewhat muffled by comparsion, but I agree that it's not unlistenable; I guess you could even argue it sounds more "relaxed".
    I used to have the parent album on vinyl, but not the dub, so I can't say which is closer to the "original", but I suspect it's the stand-alone CD.
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    I don't have the Brurning Spear CDs from Caroline, but I do have Jimmy Cliff, Culture, Rico, The Gladiators, Toots, The Heptones and The Paragons from Caroline. I like these CD masterings quit a lot.
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