Cryo for Tubes

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ca1ore, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Thank you all for an interesting, amusingly cynical yet civil discourse. While I may not have THE answer, I do have AN answer on how best to proceed.
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    I thought this discussion was about the band. :cry:
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    There's a newish player in the cryo'd tube game, and they have been getting rave reviews from skeptics of the whole cryogenic process applied to tubes and among NOS collecting tube users, both in the guitar and audio world. They don't just plop tubes in freezers and freeze them, they are more methodical and meticulous and have developed a process they think is superior.


    Ears I respect really really like them. I ordered a pair of their 6SN7 to pit against the RCA Gray Glass I use. We'll see. . . .

    I have used some cryo'd tubes from back when they were in business. The late Ron Sheldon was an honest vendor and I did find that there were some minor sonic improvements when comparing his cryo'd tubes and a non-cryo'd version. Not earth-shattering, but then neither were the prices.
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