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CSNY Deja Vu 50th anniversary reissue - May 14, 2021 *

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Josip, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    I would say that’s special. I don’t care if it reflects pressing order at all or not. That’s THE best number to have in a numbered set. Me? 1981. I’m just glad there are no seem splits and all looks well.

    I can’t bring myself to dispose of this shipping box. Like the Prince SOTT box, it’s just too cool. I seem to have entered a new level of nerdom.
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  2. EgaBog

    EgaBog Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

    Sell it for $2000 in 10 years. Profit.
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  3. ET3311

    ET3311 Careful with that axe, Roy.

    >Buy CSNY Boxset
    >Get #0001
    >Wait 10 years
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  4. EgaBog

    EgaBog Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

    Let's meme the **** outta Steve Hoffman.
  5. sharkshark

    sharkshark Forum Resident

    Toronto ON
    Fyi, this set is really bloody good...
  6. MicJames

    MicJames Forum Resident

    Forgive my ignorance, but I read somewhere back in this thread about hi-res downloads included with purchase directly from one site or another.

    Is there a site that offers hi-res downloads with the purchase of the 4cd set, or are they only offered with the vinyl only set?
  7. peter

    peter Senior Member

    I received a few hi res downloads of certain songs between the time I ordered the vinyl box and the time it arrived. I think I received 3 e-mails with downloads. Might be only 2. I saved them.
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  8. MidnightRocks

    MidnightRocks Forum Resident

    A lot of reliance on Stills to provide the outtakes as I listen through.
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  9. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Senior Member

    Got my LP set yesterday, a real thing of beauty. The lp’s appear to be beautifully pressed with nice heavy weight covers. Even though I order very late my number is under 1000.
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  10. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    absolutely, almost like a stills solo album.

    you think neil young played even a single note on all of disc 3..........how about disc 4, other than 'helpless"

    in fact, without liner notes, and to the best of my ability, i figure that if young does not play at all on disc 3, he appears on exactly 10 songs on this entire set. and that is if he plays on the alternate 'know you've got to run" (which i think he does).

    should have been called: deja vu - 50 by crosby stills nash and sometimes young.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2021
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  11. Gonzo-a-gogo

    Gonzo-a-gogo Forum resident

    The LP box arrived today (0348). Astounding thing to hold, look at, but won't get a chance to play till tomorrow. Gah. Can. Not. Wait.
  12. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    I understand your position, but to argue that artists should have no right to exercise editorial judgment, and control representation, of their own work is an extreme argument. Not one I agree with myself.
  13. Jack

    Jack Senior Member

    Thanks for letting us know.
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  14. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    no i get what you are saying entirely, but it just doesn't seem 'right' ("right' is probably the wrong word) to hold that stuff back, it happened, and you were a part of it, one of the biggest bands in the world at that time let you in and helped boost your career immensely, a little payback would have been a very nice thing to do.

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  15. Gonzo-a-gogo

    Gonzo-a-gogo Forum resident

    Anytime my man - and I’ll be sure to let you know how it sounds too :agree:
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  16. vegafleet

    vegafleet Forum Resident

    DC's Croz and GN's Through the Years both disappeared from Amazon and Spotify for streaming recently. Not good, but luckily I have the CDs. Can't trust streaming.
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  17. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    I know, and I get you, too. There's not a whole lot of CSN&Y in the world, so it'd be nice to hear as much as possible.

    There are different schools of thought on this stuff. In interviews, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. has repeatedly said (in a good-humored way) that he cringes at the idea of releasing demos and outtakes in these deluxe sets -- to him, they're just inferior versions of the released tracks. I think other members of the band have said much the same. But they acquiesce, because they know the fans like these sets. So R.E.M. is an example of a band that puts the fans' preferences above their own.

    Neil is, and has always been, a control freak. It's just part of the bargain with him.

    As for the answer to the question you're chasing, I think you're correct in assuming that Neil didn't play on much or any of the session outtakes. Have you seen the CBS interview from a few weeks ago (I know it was previously posted here)? At the 3:40 mark, Crosby says that Neil wasn't really present at the sessions -- that his method was to bring the group near-finished tracks and have them add harmonies. (Nash also says that Neil isn't on either "Our House" or "Teach Your Children"!)

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  18. lp_zep

    lp_zep Forum Resident

    Don't agree with that.

    Here are guitar parts that I think showcase the unimitable style of Neil Young on disc 3:
    1 - Every Day we Live (lead guitar in the center)
    3 - I'll be there (lead and only guitar)
    7 - Ivory Tower (electric guitar in the center)
    8 - Same Old Song (lead guitar on the left - in fact Stills doesn't seem to play guitar at all here)

    There are other bits of electric, acoustic guitar, harmonica or keyboards that could well be him as well, but it's very hard to tell.
    If you don't agree, go listen to live takes of songs like 49 Bye Byes (at Woodstock) or So Begins the Task (Chicago 1969) which feature very very similar guitar work by Neil.

    In fact, I can only hear Nash on 3 songs off disc 3, how is that for involvement :p

    Of course I may be mistaken and I'll be happy to debate this.

    On disc 4, don't forget "Woodstock" and "Almost cut my hair" where Young obviously plays.
    However, I can't really hear him on "Know you've got to run".
  19. Tom Daniels

    Tom Daniels Forum Resident

    I agree, I heard a lot more Neil than I expected on the outtakes. We know, from the CSN box, that he is on Lee Shore (acoustic guitar and harmonica) and Horses in a Rainstorm electric guitar). I think he is one of the guitars on Bluebird Revisited. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he is on Laughing. He is, of course, on Sea of Madness and Everybody’s Alone, which aren’t here.

    It seems that at some point there were a bunch of group sessions, with mixed results, and then in the end they splintered when making the recordings on the record.
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  20. lp_zep

    lp_zep Forum Resident

    Then it's even more than I thought! Let me revise my list:

    Neil Young contributions to the outtakes on disc 3:
    1. Every Day we Live (lead guitar in the center)
    2. The Lee Shore (standard tuning acoustic guitar on the left; harmonica toward the end)
    3. I'll be there (lead and only guitar)
    5. Horses Through A Rainstorm (electric guitar in the center)
    7. Ivory Tower (electric guitar in the center)
    8. Same Old Song (lead guitar on the left - in fact Stills doesn't seem to play guitar at all here)

    On Bluebird Revisited I think Stills does all electric guitars but I'm not completely sure (there're 3 of them I think). I compared to what Young played live at Woodstock on this very song and it seemed rather different in feel to me. Not that it's an absolute proof.
    Regarding Laughing, without further evidence I'll leave it out for now.

    To be completed/amended in further discussions.

    So far the scores for Disc 3:
    Young 6 / Nash 3 :winkgrin:
    I didn't count the others...
  21. peter

    peter Senior Member

    So true. This album is part of my DNA. Sadly, my preamp is out for repair, so it will be awhile for me.
  22. drbryant

    drbryant Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    That is very cool. How did that happen. You bought two copies of the vinyl box?
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  23. sharkshark

    sharkshark Forum Resident

    Toronto ON
    Yup, one for a friend that will be very happy with 1964 :)
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  24. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    i do not agree at all.

    every thing you cited could very easily be stills using a different guitar with a different amp and setting a different tone, he was extremely good at that.

    and always keep in the back of your mind, stills basically taught young the electric guitar back in those early days of laurel canyon.

    seriously though, wouldn't it have been nice to just include the credits in the ****ing liner notes?
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  25. MothMonsterMan

    MothMonsterMan I am a moth who just wants to eat your flag

    Tampa, FL USA
    Are you looking to make any new friends?
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