Current delivery issues of parcels to Australia and New Zealand

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    So from what I have heard and have been led to understand, the USPS is NOT currently accepting parcels (except for maybe "Priority Mail Express Service" tier mailings, and maybe not even that) bound for either Australia or New Zealand. This is because of personnel shortages or some other blasted present policy over there that is having incoming parcels pile up in their customs departments, left either in limbo or, according to one customer of mine in OZ, possibly even being sent back to their initial address of the sender.

    I don't use the USPS direct for international mailing but instead use Pirate Ship (who use Asendia for their international mailings.) International mailings are sent first through the USPS to one of Asendia's mail processing centers in the US and then Asendia contracts with various international courier services (sometimes the USPS) to get mail delivered to the mail/customs departments of the country that the parcel is destined for.

    With the USPS presently out of taking/sending parcels to AUS and NZ, Asendia, I believe, would most likely use DAI or some other contract service to get parcels to AUS and NZ customs department. The problem is that there is no telling (at least not to my present knowledge) as to when parcels will actually begin to be delivered to addresses in AUS and NZ again.

    Now, one could just "block sales" to AUS and NZ on the vendor sites one uses but, speaking for myself, I would find that option to be either too complicated or irritating to initiate. I still want to take orders from AUS and NZ (and I presently have current orders from AUS via both Discogs and eBay ready and waiting to be packaged up and, ostensibly, sent.)

    With Discogs orders I could probably contact my AUS customer(s) and let them know that their order is paid for, packed up and ON HOLD TO BE POSTED/SENT when the "go ahead" is given for normal delivery service to resume (I'm sure most people still presently ordering items from overseas are aware that there are currently "issues" with delivery of inbound mailings.)

    With eBay, however, it will be a pain in the *** (or ****, for you citizens of the Dominion) to hold off on mailing out items because eBay will keep hammering at you about the order being overdue for posting on time, thus probably effecting the seller's "seller rating" or standing or whatever. Even thought the AUS or NZ customer ordering on eBay would probably understand their order being delayed in sending by the seller, eBay would still likely make things irritatingly difficult.

    Part of me just wants to throw caution to the wind, ship out my parcels (as normal) via Pirate Ship/Asendia, and see where the chips actually fall in this endeavor (with the worst possible outcome being that my parcels get either sent back to me from AUS or NZ or they wind up getting piled up in a customs department and then "lost" (i.e. "stolen") or get unceremoniously chucked into some landfill.)

    How are you guys presently dealing with incoming orders from AUS and NZ? Anyone here from Australia and New Zealand who can provide perspective and prognostication on what may be yet to come (or how long all this might last?)

    PS: I plan to contact Asendia directly this coming Monday to get further clarification on Asendia's current methods of transporting parcels to AUS and NZ's customs departments and what they may know about those country's delays and how long they may be expected to last.
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  3. John Buchanan

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    My parcels, mostly from the USA, still continue to arrive, despite being slower than normal.
  4. quicksrt

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    My outgoing packages to Aust are being rejected at the post office for acceptance. I think that the most expensive International Priority rate is available, but it's too expensive.
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    Pirate Ship uses the shipping broker Asendia to handle courier contracts/delivery of international parcels, bypassing the USPS (though still sometimes contracting through the USPS for some international deliveries.)

    Still, that doesn't mean that Asendia isn't having problems with dealing with the Australian and New Zealand customs departments. I'm waiting to get further clarification today from Asendia to find out "what the scoop is."
  6. giantleech

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    Maybe that's for parcels that got into Australia under the deadline/cut-off date before the new (alleged) delivery/handling/customs strictures hit? I have heard about parcels being (allegedly) sent back to address of initial purchase. That would be a disaster, so I am holding off on sending items until I get better clarification on this whole matter.

    This is how I feel about this debacle and the blockade of parcel delivery to AUS and NZ...

  7. giantleech

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    I just got off the phone with an Asendia rep (Pirate Ship, my online postage service, contracts with Asendia for "Simple Export Rate" qualifying parcels to international addresses) and he said that everything is a go, meaning that Asendia is still able to continue delivery of parcels to both Australia and New Zealand (Asendia's services bypasses the USPS in this case and under these current circumstances, even though Asendia also uses USPS as an option when the USPS services are available under what previously were "normal" circumstances.

    Bottom line, if you normally use and interact direct with the USPS and your local USPS post office, you will not be able to purchase delivery service to Australia and New Zealand. If, like me, you use Pirate Ship "Simple Export Rate" service (for parcels weighing up to and not exceeding 4.0 pounds), you will still be able to purchase delivery service to Australia and New Zealand. Capisce?
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    How much is "simple export rate" for one album to Australia? $49? Remember $24 USPS and free tracking through the customs number?
  9. PFA

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    I shipped a package to Australia by the USPS. I mailed it on September 23rd.
    I was told that Australia would not accept any packages sent by first class airmail or Priority Airmail, and that the only method that would make it through was Express mail.
    So I shipped it by Priority Airmail Express Mail. It cost nearly $100 to do so.

    It made it through.
    It was delivered today.

  10. giantleech

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    Pirate Ship "Simple Export Rate" for a parcel between 1.1 to 2.0 pounds (this generally allows for up to 2 regular weight LPs, filler pad(s) and good, solid rectangular shaped LP mailer) from the USA to anywhere else in the world (other than Canada, which has an even lower price point) is $17.49. (The same type of parcel to Canada is $13.49.)

    "Simple Export Rate" has price points (by the pound) for parcels up to 4.0 pounds. At 4.1 pounds and up, a different price rate takes effect, though still remains less expensive than dealing with USPS purchased postage.

    If you go online and set up an account with Pirate Ship (which I recommend, as it is absolutely the least expensive online shipping labeling service that I know of) and want to take advantage of the "Simple Export Rate" service, you have to actually request that that service be applied to your account. There is some sort of "portal" or "chat option" that allows you to initiate that status. It's easy.

    It is absolute (and expensive/money wasting) insanity to use the USPS for purchasing mailing service when Pirate Ship is available.
  11. giantleech

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    Assuming that your parcel weighed between 1.1 to 2.0 pounds, you could have mailed it off for $17.49 using Pirate Ship (with their "Simple Export Rate" service applied to your account.)

    It would have only been so many (not much) dollars more if your parcel weighed between 2.1 to 3.0 or 3.1 to 4.0 pounds.

    I'm sorry but either you or your customer (depending upon who had to eat the cost) got unnecessarily hosed for approximately $82.51, which you could have saved if you had used the Pirate Ship service that I have explained here. I recommend that you all use it from this present day forward.
  12. PFA

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    The parcel weighed just under 4 pounds.

    As for the Pirate Ship service that you are promoting, I have never heard of it and am hesitant to trust any unknown shipping service.
    I always use USPS, UPS or FedEx.
  13. giantleech

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    (Note: This reply delayed for a few days due to "tardiness.")

    Your parcel being just under 4 pounds would have cost you somewhere around $35.00 or so for shipping had you used Pirate Ship's "Simple Export Rate" service.

    I fully understand your hesitancy to use a new service that is prior unknown to you, but please know that you are being given information here from a person (that being me) who has been selling and shipping out records all over the world going on several decades now. Also, I wouldn't be crowing about this service if it wasn't really a Godsend and the bee's knees to boot. It is. When I first heard about Pirate Ship it was on another music forum. Yes, to me as well, it sounded too good to be true (considering how absolutely gutting the continual and not at all insignificant price increases for international shipping services that the USPS has been inflicting upon us small time vendors exporting goods overseas.) But it's all absolutely the real deal and it has rapidly allowed me to increase my overseas sales back to where they had essentially been years ago.

    I am a totally satisfied user of this service. You should consider using it as well. The savings over normal over-the-counter USPS rates (and UPS rates, too; I just used Pirate Ship to send a sub-4 pound parcel to Canada via UPS for $20.24) is simply too great and good to not take advantage of and use.
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