Current McIntosh Solid State Power Amps?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ishmael, Apr 23, 2019.

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    Ah but where’s the fun in that :)
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    In the McIntosh book, there was a story about an MC2100 that wouldn't quit. It was used in a church and it survived a fire. Some time later it the church had been in a flood and the amplifier had been submerged for several days before being recovered.

    Figuring there was nothing to lose, one of the church employees brought the amplifier back to the dealer. Everyone was in the service department laughing their heads off saying there was no way it would ever work again. But they went ahead an hooked it up anyway and after a few initial pops and other noises, the amplifier began playing perfectly. Everyone present was completely dumbfounded.
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    I have a 462 with C2600 pre driving B&W 802D3's FLAWLESSLY. LOVE my McIntosh gear!
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    Nice!I'd love to hear that set up.I was very close to pulling the trigger on a 462.Couldnt decide between that piece or the 611 mono blocks and just recently decided to go with the latter.Two weeks till they arrive and I can't wait!
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    Enjoy! That will be awesome.
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    I lucked out. Bought a mc452 from a dealer - they said it was new old stock- someone had bought it but never picked it. Got the amp home and it was COVERED in dust and scratches. Called the dealer, told them the unit was road hard and put away wet - probably a demo. They apologized told me to bring the amp in. When i got there they said they didnt have anymore mc452s so they offered a refund or they could give me a mc462 instead... well i only paid a fraction of what the amp was worth and immediately replied .... YES PLEASE. Took my new mc462 home - hooked it up and was amazed. Ive owned a few Mac pieces in the past (ma6600 ma9000 ma275) and as much as I loved them I always felt they sounded thin bright and a bit tubby. Lack of bass. Needless to say the mc462 is flipping all that. I mean it rocks. From mids to bloom to slam to punch its all there. And man is it PRETTY. Keep in mind that is of course moderately dependent on what pre your using. I have it hooked up to a schiit freya + tube pre (i love this piece. Seriously if you havent heard it try it. Very reasonably priced) and a pair of jbl 4429s. Long story short I didnt love any of the other mac pieces i had. But i love the mc462. Love it.
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    sweet VA.
    Maybe near entry level, but all analog and I love it!!!
    Well, unless I have to move it....

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