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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mrjinks, Aug 15, 2016.

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    One of the many things McCartney and McCartney II had in common were gatefolds. Both were photographed by Linda, of course, but I wonder if McCartney III will have one too.
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    "Quiet Moment" is from the early 90's and "Special Day" from 2017.
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    Maybe a tri-fold for good measure?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if he put photos taken by Linda in this project. He doesn't seem to want to use current pics of himself these days anyway.
    Most of his album covers have no pic of him or an old pic (pure McCartney, chaos) or distorted pics (pie, rain) since press to play.
    I expect that signature he has been using on every thing for years along with III and some Linda pics.
    ....I wouldn't be surprised if there were a dedication to her on it either.
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    I meant a proper album as opposed to a soundtrack to the animated film as I was speculating in the post I was replying to...
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  7. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    Mary seems to be his go to photographer now, maybe she’ll keep up the tradition.
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    You can mark me down as a yes!
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    Really? I don’t get that feeling AT ALL, though I could certainly be wrong. New had a number of great photos of him in the accompanying booklet and a few really great shots in the PR from the time. I particularly liked a pic of him looking down a guitar at the camera*; think that was a Mary Mac shot. Egypt had less pics, but there were some wonderful b&w ones in the booklet and online. Didn’t he spend a bunch of time in lockdown with her family (think I read that somewhere). If so, she could conceivably replicate the spirit of the casual pics that adorned Mc1. She shot some great pics for that recent GQ piece, too. Maybe it’s just because I like his “natural grey” look, but he seems much more content in his skin and in front of the camera in recent times to me.

    I also see no reason why he’d dedicate this to Linda. He seems quite content w/Nancy. No slight to the first Mrs Mac; I just think he does a surprisingly good job of living in the present. Probably better than most of us! ;)

    *I like the New album cover, but always thought this was a killer shot and would’ve made a great cover photo.
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  10. Wiserforthetime

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    Yes he has great pics in the albums. I also liked those b&w ones in Egypt. I just meant his covers. No pic on new or Egypt, a chair on memory, blurred pic on rain, old pic on chaos. It just feels like it's been a long time for one on a cover.
    I don't think he is afraid of being photographed at his age but he is certainly not promoting it cover wise.
    Even pure had an old pic where as in '87 all the best was current.
    Just something I noticed.
    As far as the dedication I can see him leaving it off since he is married to Nancy but he has been dedicating archive editions to Linda and others who worked on them and have passed on.
    McCartney 1 & 2 were more than just written, produced and performed by Paul. They always had that "harmonies by Linda" like a family McCartney and not just solo McCartney.
    I was just thinking since she can't be there for that end of it he might do a little dedication for her, much like adding the L.I.L.Y. to Run Devil Run.
    Just a thought.
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  11. Wiserforthetime

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    I forgot to mention in my last post .... when I first saw this pic I was really wanting it to be the cover for the album and I still wish it was. When I saw the cover for "new" I thought well maybe he could put it in the gatefold as one of those ones you turn vertically like no dice and Frampton comes alive.
    It really would have made a nice cover.
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    Atlanta domain was registered on August 28th 2020, by none other than CSC Corporate Domains, the same company that registered or
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  13. mrjinks

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    Boise, ID.
    Well done! News to me!
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  14. Greg Smith

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    Tug of War and Flowers, both leftover and weaker material on Pipes and Off the Ground
  15. Little Willow

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    The only Flowers material leftover on Off The Ground is The Lovers That Never Were if my memory serves me well.
    The demo cassette which features Mistress And Maid is from around 1991, so are most of the Off The Ground-era songs.
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  16. Greg Smith

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    Both these songs are best songs on the album.....
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    mccartneyiii. and flaming-pie, got the same domain administrator "CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.", looking who/what it is, it's a large company for registering website name, so could be a coincidence whois lookup -
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    Postal Code. W1D 3BQ
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  18. Victor46542

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    December's Full Moon is Dec. 12 at 12:13 a.m. EST.

    So you guys weren't that far off with your moon joke.

    While not technically full the night of Dec 11, it will be pretty darn full.
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  20. Max Wilbury

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    Bobby lived with Patty
    But they never told her daddy
    What their love was all about
    She could tell her lover that he thought
    But she never wanted to let it out
    What's it all about?

    Sorry, I just had an urge to post this here and now. The moon coincidence and all.

    I'm so so happy about that, I really can't stop smiling today. New music in 2020, from Paul.
    I'm the first one to criticize and I can be pretty harsh with him sometimes (who the fukc am I ? :laugh:). But without being too starstruck, I can tell you all how joyful I am to be able to hear new music from him, specially at the end of this ****-ty year.
    Well, not saying 2021 will be better. It's pretty much downhill from now on, no ? :rolleyes:

    I suppose that's what few posts above meant but I only realise now that both previous McCartney (1 and 2) albums came out on round years too.
    So he could indeed call it McCARTNEY VI as he skipped three decades in 90/00 and 10.

    Sorry I'm babling listening to the superb Live at The Roundhouse by Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets. I better sing.

    How come no one older than me
    Ever seems to understand the things I wanna do?
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    Isn't there a photo of Zappa holding his guitar like this?
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    I may be misunderstanding the definition of a club sandwich, but couldn't one have a veggie club sandwich?
  23. jmxw

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    To cover the gap in years between this album and Mc II, he should call it McCartney 30... :cool:
  24. Arnold Grove

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    That would be McCartney XXX ... :faint:
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    Pretty Darn Full has already been used as an album title which is why McCartney III makes perfect sense. ;)
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