Customs charges from Japan if shipping via Fedex/EMS/DHL??

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by slipkid, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. slipkid

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    I used to know how this works but can't remember because I haven't ordered from CDJapan in awhile.

    I am buying a big box set now and trying to decide on whether to use Fedex or EMS or DHL for the shipping.

    All three cost about the same (DHL is a little cheaper) and take about the same amount of transit time.

    I am not positive but I believe of the three options that Fedex may charge me a customs import charge upon delivery (yes/no?). I've never had Fedex charge me before when buying from CDJapan but this is set costs 20,000 yen (about $180) so might be subject to some type of import fee here in the USA (yes/no?) if using Fedex.

    I don't think EMS (which uses the USPS) or DHL will charge any sort of customs fees at all regardless of the item cost (is that correct)?

    Anyone know for sure/had experience with this?

  2. Combination

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    New Orleans
    I've had stuff delivered from Japan via DHL & Fed Ex in the last month, and there hasn't been any customs charges. :)
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  3. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thx. Was the item(s) price around $200 though? I think customs charges kick in at some level but that might be over $500 or even more, I'm not sure.

    Of the 3 I would prefer to use Fedex, the USPS totally sucks lately & EMS uses that, and in my experience DHL hands it off to the USPS at some point here IIRC.
  4. slipkid

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    Hmmm. Been doing some research. Found this site below for determining customs/import "duties".

    Custom Duty Calculator: US Import Duty Calculator | Freightos

    You enter the country it is coming from, a description, then it supposedly tells you.

    I entered Japan and the code for "Recorded optical media, for reproducing sound only" - a CD fits that I think - and it told me this:

    Estimated to be exempt from duties for "8523.49.30 Recorded optical media, for reproducing sound only"​

    So I'm thinking I will not get hit with anything. CDJapan has verbiage that Fedex will pay import duties on packages than pass that cost onto you/me but I'm guessing now that music CDs are exempt from that. Maybe other stuff they sell is not though (?).
  5. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Update - going through the checkout now on CDJapan and EMS has been removed as an option anyway, with text of "Temporarily Suspended". So my only choices are Fedex or DHL. I'm gonna pay the extra $10 for Fedex.
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  6. Combination

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    One of them was over $200, and I was still fine, so hopefully you'll be cool.

    I would be very surprised if DHL isn't the one showing up at your door - it's been brilliant, usually 3 days to arrive once it gets shipped from Japan!
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  7. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Ugh. CDJapan cancelled my preorder above. The release date was today and now it is marked as SOLD OUT. Never had that happen b4 and they did not even give me a heads up (only found out through paypal). What a PITA.

    I've gone ahead and ordered it now from a Japanese seller on ebay (for about $40 more, goddammit). Ironically they only offer DHL shipping btw. Guess I will find out how well that works firsthand.

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