Damaged CDs in the 2009 mono box set of The Beatles

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    Recently I've bought the 2009 mono box set of The Beatles. When I started ripping the first disc of "Mono Masters", my CD drive slowed down and the estimated time of ripping "Love Me Do" shown in the program increased to several dozens of minutes. After several minutes, I stopped ripping, because I didn't want to wait for such a long time. I tried to rip some other albums from the box and I also had problems with some of them. I configured the ripping program such that it provides accurate results and that it uses error information from C2 pointers. When I changed its configuration to achieve fast ripping (which excluded using the C2 pointers) and checking results in the AccurateRip database, it showed that there are tracks that weren't ripped correctly, according to the AccurateRip database. Even after I turned on using the C2 pointers and waited until the tracks were ripped, there were AccurateRip mismatches on some of the CDs.

    I examined the surface of the discs that couldn't have been ripped correctly and I found some tiny signs - something that might be scratches or scuffs. They may or may not be the reason for the incorrect rips. These signs were not numerous.

    When I listen to the CDs in a CD player, the sound is normal, like the CDs weren't damaged. There are no skips and the sound is not distorted.

    I bought the box set on Amazon (it was sold directly from Amazon) and it was new and sealed so it is not a counterfeit.

    What are your experiences with ripping the CDs from the mono box set of The Beatles? Have you managed to rip all of the CDs correctly, fast and with AccurateRip indicating successful and accurate rips?

    I don't want damaged CDs and I would like to return the box set to Amazon and get another one, hopefully with undamaged discs. Do you think that Amazon will accept my return and complaint, taking into consideration that the box set is no longer sealed and the CDs can be successfully played in a CD player and you cannot hear any distortion when you listen to them when played? Have you ever returned a CD to Amazon, because it was damaged?
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    My experience is that Amazon will accept any returns if you return them within 30 days. They ask via drop down menu. Just state defective and state they won't rip. It's Amazon, they send the replacement and you have another 30 days to return the product. In this situation, you may want to hold back on sending your CDs back until you've completed the rips. This way you can keep the discs you deem better quality.
  3. I’ve returned a boxed set on occasions where the box or CDs were damaged. Call Amazon and explain the situation.
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    Amazon may have their faults, but my understanding is that their customer service, for faulty goods, or returns, is second-to-none, and they will be happy to exchange...

    Heck, when you read some of the idiotic comments that people leave as reviews, you wonder how amazon make a profit at all....People return items when they've clearly bought something without reading the description, and then get a refund and leave a one-star review.. Or they buy an album and simply don't like it, so just return it for a refund... Not saying this is your case, of course, since you have a genuine complaint, but I think amazon is very tolerant of returns...
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    I agree, Amazon is good at returns. You shouldn't have a problem. Ironically I was thinking of taking some time this weekend and ripping the mono box set. I recently bought the capitol cd box sets from amazon and noticed the discs had some debris on them- I think because they were just sitting in cardboard sleeves. I already ripped those and they were fine. I've been using a rather cheap LG external reader/writer for boring discs and so far its been a workhorse. out of hundreds only one disc so far gave it some trouble.
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    Thanks for your opinions on Amazon. It's good to hear that they have good service with regards to returns and exchanges. I will definitely return the box set. Today I've discovered another defect: the fronts of the CDs of "The Beatles" (The White Album) are swapped. The first disc of The White Album has the front of the second one (with its track listing and designation "CD 2") and similarly the second disc of The White Album has the front of the first one.

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