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David Bowie A New Career In A New Town 1977 1982 Boxset 3

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Zach Johnson, Dec 28, 2016.

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  1. footprintsinthesand

    footprintsinthesand Reasons to be cheerful Part 1

    Dutch mountains
    Even then it is peculiar that apparently not one person in the process before replication raises a finger to say: uh-uh that will not go into production on my watch.
  2. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    I think the 'that's all we've got' is fine to end that specific box rather than a red herring. I honestly don't think those quotes are evidence one way or another though.
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  3. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    What if they heard it and decided to live with it? That leaving it reflected the sound on the master tape better than applying a correction would have?

    They tried 'correcting' drop outs on the 2015 Space Oddity and it sounded terrible
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  4. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    Gone away.
    I would have thought that after the shocking fiasco of the 1969 album they would have taken a lot more care with subsequent sets.
  5. sammy davis junior

    sammy davis junior Forum Resident

    i imagine it's a bit like when you see those overly photoshopped images of people on posters - everyone is screwing around with it that much to make it seem like they are needed within the process ("can't we just tweak that a little bit" . . . "oh, and now tweak that") that nobody steps back and says - "what the holy ****! it now looks like she's got 3 legs!"
  6. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    In that case, I feel the cure (digital patching) was worse than the disease (drop-outs on an elderly master tape). So maybe this time they stopped trying to cure anything?
  7. sammy davis junior

    sammy davis junior Forum Resident

    so you're saying they heard it and thought - "let's not lift the volume fader up there to correct that drop in sound" we don't want to mess with the original mix?
  8. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    I think that is worse than them missing it or not checking. So I would increase penalty to firing squad for that.
  9. sammy davis junior

    sammy davis junior Forum Resident

    if that was the case they'd be promoting these as "analogue master transfers" - or whatever they were called on the Station to Station box set. they are definitely not flat transfers.
  10. SCOTT1234

    SCOTT1234 This is the way...

    Next box is going to be so good, those wonderful 80s albums combined with such superb mastering. Will be worth every penny.
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  11. sammy davis junior

    sammy davis junior Forum Resident

    "... yeah, for historical accuracy - leave it in!"
    "now come on tony, lets get back to remixing lodger!"
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  12. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    Hmmmm so its true that my humour is actually horror!
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  13. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    That is the box to do some serious remixing. I will take a remix of almost all the albums and skip the Re:Call.
  14. Marc 74

    Marc 74 Forum Resident

    West Germany,NRW
    Still waiting for the box but i just listened to the 2017 "Heroes" (song) for the first time. I would really like to write something nice as many think the Hoffman guys are always complaining but to say that volume drop from 2:50 onwards is disappointing would be an understatement. That just sucks big time.
  15. rihajarvi

    rihajarvi Forum Resident

    shambles! who are these people and why is one of the most precious pop catalogues of the 20th century in their hands?
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  16. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
    I have my box here, but have yet to play anything. Obviously I'm expecting a problem with Heroes.

    I'd say, as is usual, there's plenty of hyperbole on here about quality. Obviously I wanted a "Perfect" set, but right now I need a) A statement from the label/Producers with an explanation; b) A replacement. Reading this thread where some are claiming Visconti is going deaf and has dementia are cringeworthy, I'm afraid. Patience is called for. If they say they won't issue replacements, then we'll have some sorting to do, but right now it's way over-the-top, imo.

    Fact is, none of these sets are going to suit many of the people on this site. Why you don't avoid these sets and stick with your RCA's is beyond me. Any little thing gets overblown. It's not that issues aren't there or should be ignored, but why must is be all about carpet bombing Visconti? What's with the scorched earth policy? I'm convinced, in all seriousness, that there is no way for any of these Bowie releases - and I include future ones - to please a certain segment of the audience here. It's impossible. IMO.
  17. dead of night

    dead of night Forum Resident

    Northern Va, usa
    Yes, I agree, I was just expressing bitterness and disappointment that the greatest music in recorded rock and roll history is not given the mastering quality it deserves.

    I'll say this about Bowie: he is the most chillingly talented writer, singer, and performer this world has ever seen. This music deserves better.
  18. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Very well said, I agree with you.
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  19. Frank205

    Frank205 Forum Resident

    Dublin ireland
    80s box yep they might get that right.but 69- 80 we where hoping for better sq.5 years box was not that bad
  20. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect The prose and the passion

    Winchester, UK
    Can't help wondering what Eno thinks of the box, especially the Lodger remix.

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  21. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    I wouldn't call most of the things raised as overblown. An audible dropout on the most desired track in the box is not a little thing. God land in Five Years is not a little thing. Star being unplayable on many copies of TRAFOZS is not a little thing. Both those errors on Five Years were raised by me and I never even heard back from them and even TV managed to miss my Tweet to him while he answered hundreds of other more flattering comments. The Star error is still floating around now in September 2017. These errors are not small and they raise questions as to why the same people are being allowed to ruin curated collections over and over and I will eat my hat (I would have to buy one) if a mass recall is performed for the "Heroes" CD and Hi-Res (and possibly the vinyl) as they should.

    I get your point that people could be more chilled but I don't think the errors are 'little things' and after all collectors want to collect so these boxes should be to a standard that collectors are happy with. They are not the cheapest sets around so a dedicated quality control session should be a minimum.
  22. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    Looks like I’m holding out on the hi res to see if this gets rectified.

    I did the same last year with the whole Young Americans/Gouster debacle and that eventually got sorted.
  23. PeterVanDoffs

    PeterVanDoffs Active Member

    But Lodger has never sounded like any Bowie record before or since anyway. I like the remix.
  24. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    Off topic, but I have to say I love your new avatar. Most men in their sixties don't suit dyed beards, but you managed to pull it off.

    Still, I'll always retain some love for your original avvy.

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  25. PeterVanDoffs

    PeterVanDoffs Active Member

    Tris Penna? He hasn't worked at EMI since the 90s.
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