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  1. mark winstanley

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    This is probably very good and interesting for some... It holds little to no interest for me. I like the period, but I got the first box to cover that period, and
    I don't really understand why this would come out now, when essentially everybody has been waiting for the next installment.
    Do they feel there isn't enough interest?
    Are they milking the cow?
    Am I just getting too cynical?
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  2. will_b_free

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    I like it, except for all the echo on Bowie's voice. Excessive echo seems to be something TV cannot resist - he's childish in that way. (Though of course he created the amazing echo for "Heroes", so I respect his past work - it is just difficult to accept that he now just lathers on the echo at every darn opportunity even when less would be better). And I wish Bowie's voice was more prominent, or the music less so, since the music now really competes with rather than accompanies the vocal.
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  3. JeffRougvie

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  4. Markyp

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    :wave: Jeff’s here!

    Jeff, is there anything not on Conversation Piece that you are aware of from your time looking through the vaults?
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  5. the pope ondine

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    hmmmm 99 sheckles….12 unreleased tracks....the juice not worth the squeeze for me. maybe if this was ziggy
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  6. Fastnbulbous

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    Haha, that's a no for me dog.
  7. Rob Byrne

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    If I hadn’t bought some of the vinyl sets from earlier in the year I’d be with you. This is the problem with Parlophone’s over-exploitative release strategy - had less of this material been released over the last four years, most of us would probably have been very pleased with this announcement.
  8. TMegginson

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    Ryko chose to put it with the SO stuff, I assume because it was a remake of a SO song, and was still very much of that era. Tony was now on bass, and Mick a newbie on guitar, but it was not yet the full MWSTW lineup. Stylistically, it's right in the middle between the two sounds, much like the 1970 re-recording of "London Bye Ta Ta" with Bolan on lead, Tony on Bass, and John C on drums, which I assume is the 2:36 version they put on "CD3 - Conversation Pieces (Mono)."

    Don't get me wrong: I LOVE everything Mick Ronson, and I used to include his MOAFF on my "Spiders From Mars" mix tapes in the '90s. But it's not "maths" at all, just a judgement call they had to make.

    Not saying it's objectively wrong to group all the Ronson together next year with MWSTW, but that Free Festival single was the best version of any song on that album, and predates the next line-up and sessions.

    Mick is obviously seen as a line of creative demarkation, and I'm OK with that. But I would have found his presence on this set acceptable and a slight incentive to buy.

    (I was wondering about the live tracks on this set, but they all come from the DLT show, before Mick arrived. Although this set doesn't interest me, I could be enticed to buy the assumed MWSTW one next year if someone were to magically source the real masters of complete The Sunday Show...)
  9. TMegginson

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    I need to add a tagline to my profile, "Insufferable Bowie Pedant"...
  10. Dark Horse 77

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    Are they not using the remaster that was just released in the the Five Years box set 1969-1973?
  11. trackstar

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    Big mistake and a total joke that they put out those 45 box sets first. Way to sabotage whatever loyal fanbase would bite for this set.

    And that overpriced tape box replica?? I guarantee you there's a warehouse full of 95% unsold stock of that one.
  12. negative1

    negative1 80s retro fan

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  13. EdwinM

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    Thanks, the top one sold an empty box and I had only the cds.
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  14. Neonbeam

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    Planet Earth
    .... for a Jethro Tull box? :biglaugh:
  15. ceddy10165

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    I’m thinking this would be a great release for a young, new Bowie collector. Get it all in one spot. 20 year old me would have loved it! Maybe not so great for a seasoned fan who’s bought some/most of this stuff already.

    It’s a pattern of churning it out every few years for newcomers or wealthy completists, but it grates on those who keep having to buy what they already have for a few new dribs and drabs. Not very friendly to long time fans.

    Not completing the current/previous box set cycle first is a jerk around to the fans already invested in seeing that cycle through. Legal issues with Tin Machine, just don’t included it, but don’t derail the whole thing for that. Tin Machine could easily stand alone as it’s own box in the future.

    The BIG oversight to me is, along with a new mix, including a 5.1 surround version of the new mix! It would be dreaming to think it would be released standalone, but for me the 5.1 mix has been the differentiator in buying these types of recent box releases (Lennon, Hendrix, Rush, Beatles et al.)

    Bowie estate is releasing a bunch of stuff, but the past year or so feels like a disjointed mess with the vinyl only limited releases and now this. Another chance to set the catalog straight that doesn’t meet its potential.
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  16. kwadguy

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    So basically about half a CD of unreleased material, some of which is just nominally different from what has been released.

    Larded out to 5CDs.

    So not much different than all the posthumous boxes.
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  17. MHP

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    Beware! This was stated in january 2019 in the press release to ‘Spying Through A Keyhole’:

    Spying Through A Keyhole will be limited to a vinyl only release in the spring. However, the recordings may appear in the future on other formats. More details and actual release date to follow from Parlophone.

    This was exactly what held me back from buying the set. They actually spilled the beans before us quite early on. Now I’m even more assured to hold on to my wallet with future ‘limited’ special releases. I will invest in ‘Conversation Piece’.
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  18. ccbarr

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    I'm okay with this set, I have the 2 CD version of the David Bowie album, for now that is all the early stuff I need. I was kinda wondering how the were going to configure the set, with different labels. This just frees me up to buy some of the single CDs like Earthling and Heathen.

    A proper 5th box would have been nice, but not the end of the world. Maybe these sets aren't selling well, hence the smaller set this time. I may get the new set over the holidays, will have to wait for reviews I guess.
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  19. Smash

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    Not complaining about the inclusion of previously released tracks since I had no intention of buying those absurd vinyl packages anyway, and I'm surprised anyone did.
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  20. akmonday

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    is there hard evidence of this?
  21. wildstar

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    The fact that this box is being called "Conversation Piece" (rather than just 'Space Oddity Super Deluxe Edition') makes me think they're probably planning to group the material on a "per year" basis which IIRC would put the Arnold Corns stuff on the Hunky Dory/1971 box (assuming there is one).

    Plus this is obviously partly a "copyright extension release" anyway, to protect whatever unreleased material they have from 1969. Sure the demos already released on vinyl earlier this year are already protected but there's additional unreleased demos being included on the upcoming box as well.

    Not counting unreleased tracks there's quite a bit of potential material for the 1970/TMWSTW box:

    The BBC Live Session you mentioned
    Another BBC Session from that year

    Between them that's nearly 2 dozen tracks.

    Plus there's the singles:
    Prettiest Star
    Memory Of A Free Festival Pts 1&2
    Holy Holy
    All The Madmen (Edit)

    Plus whatever unreleased material they can find that they need to copyright protect before the end of 2020.
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  22. Colocally

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    I would be ok with a box covering each year, although there will be some skimpy years, 76 and 78 for example. However, I won't be buying any demos on vinyl anymore.
  23. TonyCzar

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    There's nothing like those RCA Tin Machine CDs.
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  24. TonyCzar

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    Frankly this is not a bad deal if:

    - you have a taste for the era/album
    - you missed out on the out-of-print (now 10 years old) version
    - you would have bought the recent vinyl boxes if you played vinyl ever
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  25. Logeroni_Pepperoni

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    There absolutely is. Theres a bootleg CD from a while back called The Complete Arnold Corns sessions. Wish it was sellable on Discogs since I love Lightening Frightening but the ryko version cuts about 30 seconds off the beginning. Theres also songs like Shadow Man which are nice.
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