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  1. kaztor

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    The EMI equivalents made up for the lack of bass with an adjusted EQ.

    Point is, back then at least an attempt seemed to have been made to present the Bowie catalogue in a logical manner, getting them back in print and kicked off by an anthology-type box set, to collect his work and be done with it.

    Everything afterwards is very haphazard.
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  2. karmaman

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    Not before shifting more copies by dressing it in the US cover for the David Bowie Is exhibition and then on sparkly coloured vinyl as a Paul Smith exclusive. They've left it too late for this to be called an admission of anything.

    The inclusion of the 2009 is more likely due to Tris Penna's involvement. He was co-mastering engineer on that and seems to be part of the current "archive team" along with long-term Bowie vault expert Kevin Cann). The 2009 at least attempted to sound like the Philips original (they're quoted as using it as their reference), so it presents a more accurate reference with which to juxtapose Visconti's remix.

    Of course it could simply be a sneaky way to justify the inclusion of two versions of the same album. 2009/2019 seems less blatant a milking exercise than 2015/2019.
  3. NightGoatToCairo

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    I was under the impression the RYKO remasters were identical to the EMI counterparts?
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    Have they got the tapes? I heard the owner was sitting on all the '71 Glastonbury Festival tapes.
  5. followmehome

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    I think some are just angry at themselves for falling for the overpriced pretendy "limited edition" boxets on an obsolete format, and the material then get released properly. No Bowie releases are really limited - the RSD releases surely saw a pressing increase.
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  6. karmaman

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    here and there some bonus tracks differed in level, but i've yet to see any conclusive proof to back up these occasional claims that the EMIs beat the Rykos. i've only doubled up on a couple and they were identical.
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    Obsolete? What makes vinyl obsolete? Why the trolling?
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  8. nick jones

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    Yes,they got the tapes and you can hear snippets of Changes and Quicksand in a BBC documentary
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  9. JeffRougvie

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    Yes, they were - we sent them all the masters. Until the 1999 re-do's - all EMI's doing.
  10. TonyCzar

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    Like the 2-CD Anniversary editions of "Aladdin Sane" and "Diamond Dogs", I had to pick up the 2CD Space Oddity-40 edition used because, again, asleep at the switch in 2009 like I was in 2003/2004. I first learned of its existence here in the forums. I got it only this year or last from a brick and mortar place, used, but at a very reasonable price. So I would not say that "everyone" has the 2009 version. It's out of print and came out 10 years ago.

    (To paraphrase Alice in Wonderland, "Bowie albums come and go so quickly around here.")

    There's definitely some audacity in the pricing on CP. No argument there.

    I feel for the completists and fans of this era. There but for the grace of some of his stupidest songs go I. So I don't think it's appropriate to point at the people who bought the vinyl boxes and laugh. (You weren't doing that, but somebody else in one of these threads was getting a little troll-y.)
  11. NightGoatToCairo

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    Is it worth creating a poll to see who's in and who's out with Conversation Piece?
  12. edenofflowers

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    I definitely get it. There's always that panic of missing out if you don't buy it on release. It's a shame it was done this way, just a note of "from the forthcoming release 'Conversation Piece" would have saved a lot of bad feeling I think. It's a bit sneaky of them and I'm sure they knew what they were doing. It's a shame that things are changing in regards to legacy artists, it does feel as if the labels are pushing fans further than they have before with huge box-sets and sneaky shenanigans.
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  13. Chris Bernhardt

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    I always preferred Ryko's Man Who Sold The World. It's the one I grew up on and to me it has the right amount of bass.
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  14. Logeroni_Pepperoni

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    Yeah a good amount of people like that version. The regular ryko The Man Who Sold The World is alright but I can't stand the au20. Sounds like the regular ryko but louder and less bass. I like the 2015 remaster cause I like how it makes it heavy and moody sounding.
  15. nick jones

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  16. AlanDistro

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    Sandy, OR
    I held off on the vinyl releases waiting for them to hit CD/digital. So I'm in for this, but hope the price comes down a bit before release day.
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  17. mr.datsun

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    Yes. I saw that documentary. I wasn't sure whether they had the whole tape or not.
  18. SunSon

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    I have never heard the original David Bowie album aka Space Oddity besides the title song until 3 years ago.
    As an album as a whole I like it and it could use a remix. I'd like to get Disc 5.
  19. karmaman

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    and these are rightly absent from the new box IMO. they were created by Tris Penna in 1987 while he familiarised himself with a mixing desk.
    you'd hope that basic integrity would be applied if these boxes aim to present an authentic document of a period.
    (while i understand some are looking forward to the TV remix, i personally consider its inclusion incongruous.)
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  20. Vaughan

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    And thank goodness for that. This "Limited Edition" stuff really annoys me. We're music fans, and in 2019 should be able to get the music we want in the format we desire. It's ridiculous that an artist such as Bowie should not be out there on, say, CD and not Vinyl. Or Vinyl and not CD. Just crazy. Not only that, it's anti-consumer and anti-music lover, imo.

    I'm in for this box. In fact I'm excited for it. I love the Space Oddity album. Sure it's formative stuff, and Bowie went in a different direction, but that's what makes it so much fun. Letter to Hermoine is simply an amazing love song - perhaps Bowie's best. Janine could easily have fit on later albums, and Unwashed.. is a tour-de-force. Man, what an album.

    I've heard the demos from the Limited Editions (they were easy to find) and I enjoyed them too, but there's nothing like having your own copy. I'll get this on day of release.
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  21. TMegginson

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    Not having "All The Young Dudes" and the saxy "John, IOD" on that was a crime against humanity.
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  22. TMegginson

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    As much as I enjoy this forum, we are not what market researchers call a "representative sample." We're the nerding edge.
  23. TMegginson

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    There's something in the 2015 MWSTW that just doesn't do it for me. I wish I had bought an original Mercury LP when I last saw one at a reasonable price

    When I go back to the Ryko CDs now, the acoustic guitar often seems exaggerated. But this 2015 vinyl sounds more muddy to me than my recollection of the crappy latter-day RCA pressing that I used to have. Could be that 100+ listenings of the Ryko changed my memory though.
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  24. Emilio

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    Vinyl-only Bowie releases are eventually released on CD. It's happened before with the live albums, so it's no surprise that the material originally released on 7" is now coming out on CD. But they could have made it less expensive by not including the "Space Oddity" album and singles all over again.
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  25. Jmac1979

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    True, but those uber-deluxe anniversary editions are all the rage

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