David Bowie: Does Anyone Know If "Is It Any Wonder" Will Ever Be Available for Purchase?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by moomoomoomoo, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    I want this, either as a digital file or a cd. I collect Bowie hardcore & am furious about the streaming only model.

    Does anyone have any info?
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  2. Vaughan

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    Essex, UK
    On another note - the only solace here is when they released all those Space oddity demo's on Vinyl only 45's. Ridiculous decision at the time. However, eventually - some time later - we got the wonderful book set. I'm guessing (hoping) that these tracks will eventually see a release in some format.

    For the record, I don't stream. I have no heard any of these new tracks for that reason. I'm not going to be strong-armed into supporting a model I don't like. Sure, I don't get to hear some songs from my favorite artist, but on the other hand I got to spend time yesterday listening to Space Oddity instead. :)
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  3. MielR


    Georgia, USA
    You should probably put some quotes around the album name in the title of the thread --- it's a little confusing.
  4. footprintsinthesand

    footprintsinthesand Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 1

    Dutch mountains
    Yes it will

    The even better news is that the Is It Any Wonder? EP will also be released on 12” vinyl and CD through the Bowie Official Store on Friday 20th March, with the CHANGESNOWBOWIE version of The Man Who Sold The World replaced by Fun (Clownboy Mix). Here's the tracklisting:

    SIDE 1

    Baby Universal ‘97

    Fun (Clownboy Mix)

    Stay ’97

    SIDE 2

    I Can’t Read ’97


    The Man Who Sold The World (Live Eno Mix)
  5. Adam Bosman

    Adam Bosman Forum Resident

    I wonder if the digital EP will be available for download (either tomorrow or March 20th)?
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  6. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    Excellent news - I wonder if it's a one-off (like the online TM last year) or a hint of a future cd box set (like the 1969 7" releases last year)?
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  7. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Thanks! i checked the Bowie site last week, & this wasn't up yet. It didn't make sense financially to do streaming only, but as a teaser it does make sense. I'm in for the cd version if there isn't a 24 bit download.
  8. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Good idea; I don't see anyway for me to edit it even though I'm the thread starter.
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  9. Jmac1979

    Jmac1979 Forum Resident

    Louisville, KY
    Between this and ChangesNowBowie both covering 1997, it seems to bode well for the rumor that there's going to be a 1992-1997 set this year (as last year's TM set got the kibosh because of Hunt Sales and Bowie's estate not coming to an agreement)
  10. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    I hope I don't buy both in 16 bit only to learn they're also on a future box at 24 bit!
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  11. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    The physical product available for purchase through the Bowie store bit is interesting - I hope that it's also available through Amazon etc and bricks and mortar stores.
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  12. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    I'd prefer to buy from a regular retailer also, but if needed I will make my 1st purchase from Bowienet on this one.
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  13. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

    Marple, PA, USA
    I don't know about you guys but hearing David singing MWSTW again was really eerie.

    I don't know if I like the electronic crap on Stay but that in your face guitar gave me goosebumps.
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  14. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Stay is the only one I've heard. I like it.
  15. Sedwards

    Sedwards Forum Resident

    Yes, me too. I was going to preorder the EP from the Bowie store, but it's over $33 with shipping for a 6 song release. Can't do it....
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  16. Adam Bosman

    Adam Bosman Forum Resident

    I added the LP and CD for preorder to help absorb part of the shipping cost. I suppose I'll rip the CD files for digital listening then sell it(?) I'm not banking on the the LP coming with a download code.
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  17. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    Wow, that's even worse than the $25 with shipping that they want to charge me living in Australia! At Rhino it would cost me $28. Again, for 6 tracks it's a hard sell, especially as they may end up adding it to a box set by the end of the year or later - hello Spying Through a Keyhole!
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  18. deadcoldfish

    deadcoldfish Forum Resident

    Santa Rosa, CA
    Rhino store has it, shipped free in the US
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  19. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    They should ship to the moon for $33!

    Seriously though, If you are outside of the USA; over the past 4 years or so USPS international postage has become ridiculous (I used to be a fairly major internet retailer; & I still dabble in it). You can thank the USA congress who confirms the postal rates & has set up the unique postal service retirement plan. It's only going to get worse with Trump's recent win on threatening to leave the worldwide postage consortium unless........... One of the consequences is USA citizens are supposed to stat paying the same ridiculous prices for incoming as well as outgoing starting in July.
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  20. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    I just looked at the Rhino USA Bowie store out of curiosity. I don't see any physical product on either of the 2 releases. Any possibility of a link?
  21. Markyp

    Markyp Forum Resident

    Rhino UK has them in a bundle for £20
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  22. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Interesting that one is not available officially in the USA & the other is not available until March & will sell even on cd at ridiculously inflated prices on RSD.

    Without saying more than I should ...... there have been numerous sitings of lossless dl's of the Wonder ep reported on the net.
  23. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Interesting, it's not in the Rhino USA store when I go directly there, but I got an email from Rhino that the cd is $15 USD.

    David Bowie - Artists

    I couldn't fill in the address field (site error). Shipping APPEARS to be free to the USA. I could be wrong, as the site is fubared badly.
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  24. Sedwards

    Sedwards Forum Resident

    Thanks! I just ordered the EP and the shipping was free.
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  25. Ludger

    Ludger IsThisAllReal,IsThisAllNecessary,OrIsThisAJoke?

    Dortmund, Germany
    Just ordered the CD + 12" from Rhino in the UK - € 30 incl. shipping which is € 17 less than from the Bowie store.

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