David Bowie - I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PageLesPaul, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. jhm

    jhm Forum Resident

    I have wondered about how much effort it must have taken to assemble and rehearse a new band only to be used for one super short gig!
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  2. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    I read a quote from (I think) Seligman that said they rehearsed for one day and had never actually run the set in order before being on stage at LiveAid.
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  3. Colocally

    Colocally One Of The New Wave Boys

    Surrey BC.
    They were recording tracks for Absolute Beginners at the time, they also recorded Dancing In The Street. So they had been working together a little before Live Aid.
  4. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    How can I sign up to play the Kazoo for Dua Lipa’s Band?:winkgrin:
  5. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    Don't forget the ear plugs when on stage :uhhuh:
  6. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    Two Weeks Tomorrow. A great lost Beatles track based on a Ringoism. ;)
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  7. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    at this point i've come to expect it from time to time. that's why i have a vinyl flat. fixes it right up.
  8. Bink

    Bink Forum Resident

    Finally it has arrived!
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  9. THE801

    THE801 Well-Known Member

    Mine too!!
    Hope you enjoy!
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  10. Bink

    Bink Forum Resident

    Well because my copy didn't arrive until this morning, I am kind of late to the party but having played it, I will just give my initial thoughts.

    Brilliant album and absolutely essential - those who questioned why we needed another album from this tour were wrong.

    I liked the fact that the backing vocals can be heard clearly in the mix. They were essential to this tour.

    There was no need to worry about the sound quality. Soundboard quality but perfectly listenable. The only part that jumped out at me as being a hindrance was the intro to Moonage Daydream - if this had been a multi track recording I might have criticised it for that opening riff not being higher in the mix.

    Great to have Footstomping.

    So basically I am in general agreement with what most of you have been saying for the last two weeks!

    While listening to this I wondered what other soundboards they may have, particularly from the 70's, that would be worth releasing. I am not sure if they would see the value in releasing any more from either of the Isolar tours. I would definitely be up for anything from the early part of the Ziggy tour. And Radio City Music Hall '73.
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  11. Halloween_Jack

    Halloween_Jack Forum Resident

    Hampshire, UK
    Excellent @Bink - Glad you’ve received it and enjoyed it! I’m about to spin the vinyl again too. It’s a real gem. I doubt Bowie would gave allowed this during his lifetime due to the hoarseness of his voice throughout this one, bit it adds an edge to it and humanises it more in a way. Love the band too they're really into it! Definitely an instant classic release for me.

    Post just been and still no sign of the three items from Banquet. My patience will start to erode if it’s nothing has arrived Monday.
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  12. Bink

    Bink Forum Resident

    Yeah the hoarse voice didn't bother me at all.

    I hope yours arrives soon. Although the online ordering on the day was unique to this year's RSD, if they do a similar thing next year I might look for a different retailer.

    Whilst others here have spoken up for the reliability of Banquet, it's frustrating not really knowing the status of my order, particularly when it didn't arrive until 8 days after they told me it was dispatched.
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  13. shadow blaster

    shadow blaster Forum Resident

    I'd be up for anything from 76.....
  14. Halloween_Jack

    Halloween_Jack Forum Resident

    Hampshire, UK
    Whilst I sympathise with them in that RSD is a particularly busy time, I’m not impressed by the way it’s been handled. Two CDs supposedly sent out on the 1st and the 4th, and the LP on the Friday just gone, and no signs of any of them. Whereas Vinyl Guru took a couple of days with their RSD order. I’ll use them next year, if I can be bothered to go through it all again that is. It's the first time I’d gotten involved with the RSD madness, but next year I’ll just wait and get what I want a bit later, even if I have to pay a bit extra. This ‘rush to buy’ madness leaves a bad taste - consumerism overkill.
  15. footstomper

    footstomper Forum Resident

    London UK
    Don't you mean next month? Well this month now, the second RSD drop this year is 26th September.
  16. Halloween_Jack

    Halloween_Jack Forum Resident

    Hampshire, UK
    There’s nothing else I desperately need this year. If there’s any further Bowie releases next year for RSD I’ll wait it out next time around.
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  17. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I'm glad you liked Vinyl Guru. I went to go in yesterday but the shop hasn't opened up again yet.
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  18. Glenn coates

    Glenn coates Forum Resident

    I concur with everything you said about this release and I like you was a little late to the party my copy just arrived this week on Wednesday Albeit earlier than expected which was supposed to be Saturday so I was happy. I’m going to pour a drink later sit back and give it a good listen and absolutely wonderful to have Footstompin on this release.
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  19. drbryant

    drbryant Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    This is a great release. I really enjoyed it. Interestingly, most stores in Japan sold out quickly but it looks like the Tower Records chain took a ton of Record Store Day stuff including many copies of this release. I went to one of the branches to purchase the Elton John album and noticed they still had 6 or 7 copies in the bins. I don’t think anyone would think of going to Tower to secure Record Store Day items.
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  20. muzzer

    muzzer Forum Resident

    Banquet clearly had a very busy few days, many thanks to the person here who posted that they had stock, I’d never have got one otherwise I don’t think. Their comms with me were fine. What a great fun cleaned up boot it is, basically. Is it a monitor mix? Vocals right up front, not much bottom end, Proper coked up bowie of course. I’ve got an acoustic version of Win which, assuming it’s him, I’ve never really confirmed. sounds as if it’s from this time. Got it from MWP.
  21. SlimLee

    SlimLee Forum Resident

    Semi-relevant question for the thread - Is there a recording (out there) featuring a full performance of Memory of a Free Festival as played by The Mike Garson Band? I'd love to hear how it was played.
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  22. Colocally

    Colocally One Of The New Wave Boys

    Surrey BC.
    Yes, there is a full recording (or maybe more than one), where the full pre show set is recorded. I will have to see when it was recorded.
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  23. sortvinyl

    sortvinyl Forum Resident

    I don't know if it the full live version, it last 4:42 Radio City Hall 10/28/74 you can find it at BowieStation, not the best sound, a true bootleg.
    There might be other ones
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  24. Frawls

    Frawls Forum Resident

    Got mine yesterday. I was put off by the hoarse vocals at first but quickly got used to them. The entire band is great but the drummer is so in the pocket! He really makes the show for me. I don't remember the drums standing out so much on 'Cracked Actor'.
  25. SCOTT1234

    SCOTT1234 Forum sceptic

    Dennis Davis came on board for this section of the tour.

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